Two Mental Hurdles Of Losing Weight (And How To Overcome Them!)

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waynecontactThese days, many people have grown fed up with carrying extra weight that detracts from their health and physical appearance. Yet while these individuals are interested in losing the weight, they find themselves bogged down by overwhelming mental hurdles that preclude them from taking action. Here are two common mental hurdles that prevent people from losing weight:

1. I’ve Always Been Overweight.

One of the most common mental mantras that overweight people repeat in their heads is “I’ve always been overweight. There’s no way I could really lose this weight.” It goes without saying that the past can seem infinitely powerful. Most people are habitual creatures, meaning that they go on repeating established behaviors throughout the course of their lives. However, this does not mean that you cannot break a negative pattern in your life. Instead of constantly reminding yourself that you’ve always been overweight, get inspiration by reading stories about people who were heavy for a significant period in their lives and then lost the weight. Listen carefully to how they did it and try some of their tips and tricks to get you going. You can fine tune your weight loss program as you move forward to ensure that it works for your personal preferences and lifestyle.

2. People Will Make Fun Of Me In The Gym.

Another mental hurdle that overweight people find themselves dealing with when they decide to lose weight is fear that they will be made fun of in the gym. This is a valid fear given that fitness centers are often populated by “gym rats” who have attained what many people consider to be ideal bodies. In some cases, an overweight person may assume that these individuals (or even individuals with less pristine bodies) will view them as inferior and make degrading comments. However, what many overweight people have found is that the gym setting is one of the most supportive environments that they encounter as they begin their weight loss journey.

In the event that you can’t overcome fear of being made fun of in a traditional gym, consider the value of attending a weight loss camp. These camps are specifically designed for obese and overweight individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose, and the professionals who manage and work within these settings are incredibly supportive and encouraging.


If you’re currently carrying excess weight that you’d like to lose, it’s important to know that you can make it happen for yourself. Instead of being intimidated by negative mental hurdles that prevent you from moving forward, adopt a positive outlook, set goals, and seek out supportive environments throughout your weight loss journey. Good luck!

One Fitness CampTwo Mental Hurdles Of Losing Weight (And How To Overcome Them!)

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