Two Delicious Healthy Recipes to Pack for Lunch

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One of the benefits of attending a weight loss camp is learning how to pack and prepare healthy foods for your lunch when you are rushing in your everyday life. Studies have shown that many people fall off the weight loss wagon when they do not have time to properly exercise and consume healthy foods in their normal routine. Thus, here are some beneficial recipes that could greatly benefit your daily lunch and waistline.

1) Hummus. Every time I have left the United States and eaten hummus, I have lost weight while consuming something delicious. What is great about hummus is that now many companies are integrating hummus into healthy quick-to-purchase snack options. This has become quite popular in the lunch-to-go and snack market overall. Additionally, it is best combined in your lunch with whole wheat pita slices that they are now offering in sizes that are smaller portions. This is a great little treat to bring with you to work when you are starving for lunch or are in desperate need of a healthy afternoon snack.

2) Salad That Doesn’t Have Salad Dressing. While this seems like an oxymoron, I can assure you that many salad dressings are so unhealthy that they actually defeat the purpose of eating the vegetables themselves. Take the European and South American model and utilize balsamic vinegar, red vinegar, and olive oil to put on top of your greens for lunch. The calorie reduction will astound you and honestly, it will actually taste far better. With this reduction in calories, you can splurge on better vegetables including the occasional Spanish olive to spice up your salad.

What is important to remember is that even if you are on the go, you can still have a healthy lunch. By preparing recipes such as these, you will feel healthier overall and have much more energy to face the challenges in your day.

One Fitness CampTwo Delicious Healthy Recipes to Pack for Lunch

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