Tips for Cutting Comfort Food Calories

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fat camp for adults food mistakesNo matter how much you want to lose weight, you probably feel tempted at least once in awhile to sneak a treat. While indulging in your favorite comfort food once in awhile can help to keep you on track with your diet in general, you can still look for ways to cut back on the calories.

Select Lower Calorie Ingredients
Many people love to turn to macaroni and cheese, for example, as a comfort food. Instead of using the recipe you enjoyed growing up, look for butter, cheese and milk that is skim or nonfat. If chili is your favorite comfort food, you can use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Opting to replace high fat ingredients with healthier alternatives assists in cutting calories.

Eat Smaller Portions
Never having your favorite comfort again in your life might just lead you to resent your diet. When you simply are craving those cheese fries or you cannot imagine getting through the day without ice cream, allow yourself to have a smaller portion of the food. Find out the amount of calories in a serving size, and then, adjust your your portions accordingly.

Eat Your Food Slowly
When you get a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs or a nice slice of cheesecake, you might be tempted to devour the entire portion in just a few minutes. Slowing down the pace at which you eat the food can help you to feel full at a more suitable point. Instead of eating to the point that you are just stuffing yourself with needless calories, you are actually taking the time to enjoy the treat and giving your stomach time to fill up.

Indulge Once in Awhile
Let’s say that you plan to go an entire year without eating any of your favorite comfort foods. At some point, you might give in and entirely overindulge because you have been without the food for so long. If you deprive yourself of something that you love, then you can just make the situation worse for yourself in the long run. It is okay to have the full-fat version of your favorite comfort food once in awhile to prevent that from happening.

Cutting back on the amount of comfort foods that you eat is generally necessary for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, but you do not need to make yourself miserable in the process.

Natasha SchoultzTips for Cutting Comfort Food Calories

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