Three Ways to Say “No” to Unhealthy Holiday Foods

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weight loss secretsIt’s that time of year again when when families, friends and co-workers traditionally gather to celebrate a variety of winter holidays. During this time, it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves facing a cornucopia of delicious holiday foods and treats that they are expected to at least sample.

If you are the type of person that puts on pounds over the holidays, you should start thinking about how you can prevent that weight gain now. Obviously overeating will cause weight gain. Another problem is unhealthy foods. Many holiday foods are filled with ingredients that are unhealthy in small quantities let alone large ones, such as table sugar, saturated fats and white wheat flour.

What do we recommend?

Explain Beforehand

All too often guests fail to explain health restrictions to their host. Concern about weight loss is just as important as concern about allergies. Explain to your host that you’re trying to keep the weight off so that he/she will be less inclined to push food at you.

Drink Water

Thirst and hunger pangs feel a lot alike. Staying hydrated during an event by drinking water will deal with any potential dehydration. Plain water can also make you feel full. On the other hand, sugary beverages can actually increase cravings.

Seek Distractions

Another reason people eat unhealthy foods is because they’re stressed out. Some people can’t stand to interact with large crowds. Many event-goers feel like they are rude if they don’t taste everything and then overdo. To keep your mind and mouth distracted, snack on a healthy plate of raw fruits and/or vegetables, chew a piece of gum or talk with another guest who isn’t eating anything.

The above said, you are perfectly normal if you can’t resist a holiday spread. Many people gain weight simply because they love holiday meals and treats. The team of professionals at our live-in weight loss camp can help you shed those holiday pounds. We can also share with you additional tips like these to help you keep the weight off!

One Fitness CampThree Ways to Say “No” to Unhealthy Holiday Foods

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