Three Ways To Discover The Best Diet for You

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weigh_scale-150x150Experts have confirmed what many of us have discovered for ourselves through years of trying to keep our bodies at a healthy weight. It’s now understood that one diet doesn’t work for everyone. That’s good to know, but it leaves many of us in a quandary. How can we know what diet will work best for our particular body shape and lifestyle?

Quality Counts

The common wisdom for losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. Counting calories is the handmaiden to this advice. Many of us have found that we don’t lose those excess pounds no matter how much we restrict our caloric intake or increase the number we burn off. That’s because the quality of the food we eat, rather than the amount, is key. Our bodies process calories from a handful of nuts far differently than they process a cinnamon roll. Improve the quality of what you consume and you’ll improve the way your body functions.

It’s About Location

Our basic body shape is determined by where our excess fat resides. So-called apple shapes carry fat around their stomachs. Pear shapes carry their extra weight around their hips. Apples and pears need different diets to melt away fat. Eat for your body shape, and you’ll eliminate a big part of the struggle to lose weight.

Listen to Your Body

Our bodies send continual signals to us about what they need or don’t need. It takes practice and patience, but you can learn to hear those messages. You may discover that you might be eating to fill emotional needs rather than physical needs. A food journal can help you make this distinction. You may need nutritional counseling or help from a facility such as a live-in weight loss camp. When you heed what your body wants in the way of food and when it wants it, losing weight will occur naturally.

One Fitness CampThree Ways To Discover The Best Diet for You

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