Three Reasons Drinking More Water Helps With Weight Loss

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water glassIt might seem like common sense that water is critical to better overall health, but many people look to sweetened beverages like energy drinks to quench their thirst.

Why is plain H2O so important?

Water Reduces Cravings

Although the human body process sugar for energy, it can’t process too much. Instead, it converts excess sugar to fat for storage and later energy creation.

Sadly, your body’s ability to tell that it has enough sugar can fail for different reasons. Sugar can cause hormonal changes that make you crave it more. Additionally, microorganisms that feed on sugar, such as yeast and bacteria, can make you crave more if their colonies have overgrown from past overuse. On the other hand, water reduces hunger pangs and cravings by filling the stomach and flushing out those things that cause cravings.

Water Builds Muscle

Drinking enough water daily helps maintain your body’s fat-burning processes so that you’re left with more muscle and less fat. The human body is also made of a lot of water and muscles are filled with it. If you fail to drink enough water every day, you dehydrate, the amount of water in your muscles drops and muscle wasting takes place.

Water Improves Appearance

Beyond beautiful muscles created through a combination of water consumption, healthy eating and exercise, you can also make your skin healthier by drinking water. Instead of your skin looking dull, dry or papery, it will have more elasticity and a healthy glow. As the water helps balance your hormones and flushes toxins out of your system, you will also be less prone to acne caused by these things. One of the things we emphasize our weight loss camp is the importance of water.

One Fitness CampThree Reasons Drinking More Water Helps With Weight Loss

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