Three Interesting Facts About Adult Obesity

weight loss fat camp scaleThere is a growing focus on childhood obesity, but adult obesity is still a serious issue. One important step towards reducing and preventing it is understanding what causes it and what it may lead to. Keep these facts in mind when you’re making decisions about diet and exercise.

It Tops Malnourishment as a Cause of Death

Most people believe that a lack of food is far more dangerous than an overabundance of food. That may have been true for most of human history, but things are different today. All over the world, the frequency of obesity is increasing. The result is that obesity-related health problems have now surpassed malnourishment as a cause of death.

It Is Linked to Depression

Obesity and poor mental health often go hand in hand. One condition can lead to the other; overweight people may develop body image problems and become depressed, and depressed people may overeat to distract themselves from their feelings. No matter which one occurs first, it’s important to break the cycle before it spirals out of control. Sessions at weight loss camps for adults have been quite effective at motivating overweight and depressed individuals to change their lives for the better. Guests get all the encouragement they need along with the knowledge of how to stay healthy for good.

It Is Not Necessarily Caused by Fat in the Diet

One of the most persistent misconceptions is that eating too much fat will lead to obesity. This is true in some cases, but not always. The fact is that having a surplus of calories from any source at all will cause your body to bolster its fat stores. It’s entirely possible to become obese while eating very little fat if you are over-consuming carbohydrates and protein. In other words, reducing your fat intake could be a good starting point for losing weight, but it’s not a one-step solution. Adult fat camp instructors work hard to correct this erroneous belief by teaching guests about counting calories and balancing macronutrients.

Obesity might be so common because many people misunderstand both the causes and effects of being overweight. These facts will set the record straight on a few finer points of obesity. Disposing of such misconceptions and learning the truth about this condition are the first steps towards overcoming it.

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