Three Causes of Obesity in Children

mindful-eatingIt’s common knowledge that being overweight is unhealthy, but it is especially bad for children. In addition to the usual host of problems caused by excessive levels of bodyfat, childhood obesity may impair proper development during puberty. Obesity in children can usually be traced back to a few root causes. Consider these factors, and make sure that your children are not at risk of becoming dangerously overweight.

Poor Meal Options

Most children have a very limited role in deciding what their meals will be. It’s up to the parents to give their children nutritious meals that are free of excessive fat or sugar. While a parent’s schedule can be quite hectic, time should always be set aside for preparing healthy foods. Resorting to a greasy dinner of fast food may be quick, but having it too often could set your child on the path to obesity.

Snacking on Unhealthy Foods

Even if you cook nutritious meals for your kids every day, what they eat between those meals could sabotage your efforts. No parent can watch their children every single minute, and the little ones are bound to grab a few snacks here and there. Instead of stocking your kitchen with candy, cookies, and other prepackaged sweets, fill it up with healthy snack options like fresh fruit, plain yogurt, and wholegrain bread. A testament to the benefits of these healthy snacks is their presence at adult fat camp facilities.

Lack of Physical Activity

Kids naturally love to engage in active play. In fact, part of the program at almost every fat camp for adults is to rekindle this youthful enjoyment of physical activity. Unfortunately, it’s easy for kids today to get hooked on TV, video games, and the Internet. Limit the time that your children spend on sedentary activities. Encourage them to have fun outdoors with biking, rollerblading, and playing games with their friends. Signing them up for school sports is another great way to keep them active.

The responsibility for fighting childhood obesity rests mostly with the parents. It is critical to make sure that your children get healthy foods and plenty of physical activity. Now that you know the most common causes of childhood obesity, you can go about eliminating them so that your children develop the mindset necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

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