The 3 Main Elements Of Fitness

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892400_597011653642654_1981836184_oThrough these crucial fitness elements, you will meet your weight loss goals. If you’re just beginning to take the concept of exercise seriously, the first thing you’re going to want to do is define the main elements of fitness. This may sound a little strange, but fitness is actually a very straightforward concept. What this essentially means is that regardless of who you are, and no matter what you want to accomplish with through exercise, fitness can be broken down into three components.

These components are the following:

• Cardio.
• Strength.
• Stretching.

If you’re going to take exercise seriously, whether at weight loss camp or elsewhere, then you need to create a routine that incorporates all three of these things. There are a variety of ways in which you can accomplish this, but you will want to begin by understanding each of these three elements. You are definitely going to want to learn more about the triad known as cardio, strength, and stretching:

Any rhythmic activity that you can perform on a continuous basis qualifies as cardio. To that end, there are quite a few different activities you can try. You can walk, run, engage in aerobics, take a swim, ride a bike, or even sign up for a dance class. Cardio does wonders towards making your heart and lungs stronger. At the same time, cardio also improves your endurance and cuts down the calories.

With strength training, you’re going to work parts of your body that wouldn’t get much out of a pure cardio workout. As you can probably imagine, strength training of any kind is going to involve lifting weights. This list can include dumbbells, machines, or resistance bands. The great thing about strength training is that it does a great job of building necessary lean muscle. Strength training also improves muscle, bone, and connective tissues.

The thing about stretching is that a lot of people take it for granted. However, stretching is absolutely essential to maintaining flexibility, while minimizing the potential for injury while doing cardio or strength training. Stretching can be done before exercise, but it should definitely be done after you exercise. Remember as well that the main thing with stretching to understand is that it is supposed to be low-impact and more relaxing than both cardio and strength training.

Natasha SchoultzThe 3 Main Elements Of Fitness

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