From the moment Preston was born he was engulfed and immersed in fitness and sports. He grew up playing competitive basketball, baseball, and football. With Wayne as his father this is to be expected. These experiences at a young age molded him into a leader and coach. Preston loves working alongside his father, his goal is to become half the trainer and man his father is, he knows if he can accomplish this he will not only be an incredible trainer, but a respectable man. Preston and his beautiful wife have baby boy who is the light of their lives. He is driven and motivated by his passion for fitness. He knows what he does is literally saving people’s lives, and this brings him so much happiness and joy. He sees your potential and knows how to push you enough to hit your goals. Preston’s high energy and never ending motivation will help you to hit your target heart rate, and do it safely. He has had years of experience in training and helping hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals. He is a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Science. (NASM) and has a diploma specialized in personal fitness training from Eagle Gate College.

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