Through experiencing my own weight- loss journey losing 80 LBS, I was inspired to become a fitness coach. I value the fact that I understand the physical challenges many individuals face when transitioning into a healthy lifestyle, and how difficult it may seem. Most my life I was over weight, and unhealthy. On top of this, I became pregnant and gained a ton of weight! Finally after procrastinating for 3 years I made the decision that I wanted to be healthy. I started out with a trainer, and by that it helped me realize how important it is to create a quality relationship with all clients who I genuinely care about. It is so important for me to bond with our clients- That’s why I have increased my horizons by doing at home coaching for our clients helping them reach success at home after leaving camp. Noelle holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Utah.

One Fitness CampNoelle Farr