In a 20-year career in the fitness industry, I have developed the talent to find the very core strength in people, and access it in a firm and positive manner for maximum success. As a result, I have trained fitness enthusiasts, athletes, physique competitors, housewives, and over-the-hill husbands who feel they have one last shot at a healthy lifestyle – driving them all with the same passion, intensity and a never-quit attitude that they quickly come to appreciate and respect. I work with professional boldness, but have balanced that with a discerning and patient disposition. Ultimately, I’m known for my concise communications and unwavering drive on my primary goals. Whether it is fitness-related, lifestyle coaching, as a mother of four very active children, or simply training myself each day for an NPC figure competition.

Whether it is a client that is struggling with an eating disorder, or someone struggling to find balance in life, my first-hand experience in dealing with these issues puts me in a unique position to help others. Through experience I have learned that the issues people struggle with are never simple. I believe that the best approach to health and wellness is mind, body, and spirit. When you align all three the results are phenomenal. Finding a balance between real life and what you want to accomplish is the key. My key strength is the ability to help others set realistic goals and help them find the ability to accomplish them. Whether I am training one on one with a client, or teaching a group fitness class at Utah Valley University, those that know me trust me to find the best in them. I think the most rewarding part of what I do is simply to see people realize their potential and come to understand they have it within themselves to accomplish anything!

Professional Accomplishments:

*AFTA Cert. Personal Trainer/Coach
*IFA Cert. Sports and Nutrition
*Life Style Coach
*Cross Fitness Level 1 Certificate
*NPC & INBA Figure Competitor

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