Healthiest Beverages To Enjoy (Besides Plain Water)

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water glassYou always want to stay hydrated. However, plain water can get pretty boring pretty quickly, and you shouldn’t have to drink it every time you’re thirsty. Believe it or not, there are healthy, delicious beverages out there.

If you want to know about the healthiest beverages to enjoy besides plain water, you’re going to love the fact that there are tons and tons of great options out there. Here are five that come loaded with health benefits, but also come with the guarantee that they are going to be absolutely delicious:

• Pomegranate juice: Looking for a yummy fruit-based beverage that comes loaded with essential antioxidants? Then you’re definitely going to love what you stand to gain with pomegranate juice. This beverage can help with cancer, inflammation, and even heart disease.

• Low-fat milk: Both low-fat milk and skim milk offer all the benefits we know are associated with drinking milk. They just have the added benefit of being the healthiest milk options available to you. Change out your whole milk for skim or low-fat, and you’re going to make a significant, positive change to your diet at once.

• Green tea: Whether you’re enjoying it chilled, or if you prefer to take your green tea hot, the health benefits of green tea are ancient and well-known. This is a great substitute for your late-afternoon coffee, as it gives you a caffeine boost that won’t punish you later on with a severe crash. And let’s not forget that every step of the way, you’re taking advantage of the considerable range of antioxidants that you get with green tea.

• Orange juice: If you have the time, or if you just have a really great juicer, a glass of orange juice is a breakfast staple for a reason. The vitamin C qualities of OJ alone makes it an essential beverage. In order to enjoy your cup of orange juice to the fullest, make sure the juice comes from oranges you squeezed yourself.

• Kale juice: Start your day on the best foot possible. While kale juice may take a little getting used to, you certainly can’t deny the legitimate reasons as to why kale is so incredibly popular. It tastes great, and it comes with a ton of vitamins and essential minerals.

These are just a few beverages to try while working to lose weight.

Natasha SchoultzHealthiest Beverages To Enjoy (Besides Plain Water)

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