Five Fun Ways You Can Boost Your Energy This Winter

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fat-camp-150x150If you’re anything like me, when winter hits, you don’t want to do anything after work. There never seems to be enough hours to get things done. You’re burning the midnight oil. Stress, lack of sunlight, poor sleep and heavy calorie food take their toll. So you find yourself dragging. You wake up slow and groggy. You struggle to stay alert. How do you make it through the day without constantly reaching for extra caffeine and sugar? Try boosting your energy levels with these quick and easy tips. They’re fun. Give them a try!

1. Laugh! Find a funny video or joke that always makes you laugh and keep it accessible. Close your office door or find a bathroom or an empty stairwell and laugh – even if you don’t feel like it. If you don’t have anything funny, fake a laugh. It works.
2. Dark Chocolate! Yum! A square of dark chocolate boosts your energy and mood. As an added bonus, it also helps protect your heart!
3. Smell some peppermint! Dab some peppermint essential oil on your wrists, or simply sniff the vial. If you aren’t able to carry it with you – try keeping some peppermint breath mints around. Smell it before you eat it.
4. Take a brisk walk! Or run in place for a minute. Or …well, you get the idea. Get your blood pumping and suck in some extra oxygen.
5. Time yourself! Set a timer for a specific amount of time for your next task. Now race to beat the timer! Do this for your next few tasks. Your blood will be pumping and you’ll find yourself more alert.

Of course, these are short term solutions and don’t truly address the underlying issues. You can try working on them on your own at home. Or you can work on them all together at a weight loss camp. But ultimately, unless you fix the problem, you’ll end up using these fun fixes frequently.

One Fitness CampFive Fun Ways You Can Boost Your Energy This Winter

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