10 Foods To Help You Build Muscle and Lose Fat

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It’s the age-old question that has been asked over and over again throughout the years. “What should I eat to build muscle and lose fat?” For some reason, many people have made the answer complicated and there is a great deal of confusion.

The truth is that eating right, so that you can meet your fitness goals, is actually easier than it seems. While it does take discipline and commitment, you can see a change when you learn how to choose the right foods for optimal results. Additionally it is important to know that healthy weight and fat loss should not be considered as a short term and there are no immediate results. We recommend making lifestyle and nutritional changes that are sustainable.To help you get started on a diet that will put you on the right track to losing fat and building muscle, consider adding the following 10 foods to your daily meals:

1. Eggs

Protein is specially helpful for those who are wanting to build muscle. In fact, it’s one reason why many body builders opt for a Keto diet. While we aren’t saying that you have to, if you add a good amount of protein to your diet, you should see results quicker than you would otherwise. Eggs are an easy protein to start off with in the morning. Egg yolk actually contains high nutritional value, so unless your doctor warns you to stay away from it, whip up your favorite type of eggs in the morning.

2. Nuts

Nuts will give you more than just the protein you need. They will also provide you with healthy fat and fiber, which are both equally as important for your body as protein is. You can’t just stock up on protein without worrying about the other functions and necessities that your body has. They can help you get the right kind of calorie intake and are great for filling in the spaces between meal time, when you might feel hungry.

3. Broccoli

Rich in fiber” “low in calories” are two things that you want to hear when searching for foods for your muscle-building/weight loss diet. Broccoli is a vegetable that is very healthy for you and can be prepared in several ways, without ever losing its nutritional value.

4. Fish

If there were ever a kind of protein from animals that could be considered the healthiest, many would say that it is fish. Because fish is very helpful for your muscles and joints and a high source of protein without aiding in the build-up of fat, it’s a great option for those who want to lose weight and strengthen their muscles. Salmon is always a very good choice, if you aren’t sure which kind of fish you want to add to your diet.

5. Quinoa

You’ve always heard that you shouldn’t eat carbs when trying to get fit. This isn’t entirely true. Eating right for results is about giving your body what it needs and it does, in fact, need carbs. As you well know, you should only be giving your body the good stuff, and fortunately, quinoa is a very good carb. It is rich in protein and has the amino acids your body needs. On top of its benefits, you can cook it with a variety of food types and in many different ways, making it easy for you to add to your diet. Whether you make quinoa patties for an alternative to traditional burgers or you prepare it with your morning cereal, it blends in with almost any type of food.

6. Red Meat

Beef is a great source of protein, as well as other essential vitamins and creatine. Of course, you want to look for lean beef and not stock up on fatty meat. Red meat is helpful for encouraging a healthy testosterone level, which is important for building muscles. An added plus is that it can also be good for your heart health, as well. Please keep in mind that at One Fitness Camp we do not recommend a diet which is high in red meat consumption.

7. Spinach

There is a reason why Popeye was obsessed with spinach. One reason is that it’s a tasty vegetable but it could also be because it’s rich in calcium and iron, and helps your body convert protein into muscle. It’s easy to eat, whether in stir-fry or salad, so don’t hesitate to add it to your daily meals. An added benefit is that it’s good for the brain. Adding it to your diet isn’t only about brawns, it’s also about brains.

8. Flax Seeds

One of the easiest items on our list to add to your diet, flax seeds are very beneficial for anyone’s diet, no matter what their goals may be. Full of protein, omega-3s, fiber, and all the good things you need for a healthy body, it’s a powerhouse of good stuff that you should be eating for a healthy diet that will help you build strong muscles. You can add it to almost any kind of meal you prepare, so if you are looking for an easy way to get your protein and fibers in, flax seeds are great.

9. Apples

You don’t want to eat too much fruit when you’re trying to lose weight, as a lot of fruit has too much sugar. Apples, on the other hand, are rich in fiber and can help you to fill up in between meals, so you don’t snack on just anything. They also provide your body with plenty of antioxidants, which are good for both your body’s digestive system and energy levels.

10. Lentils

You don’t want to eat too many legumes when trying to lose weight as they are rich in carbs, but lentils are a good option for a healthy protein. Rich in protein and fiber, they are easy to make and easy to eat, so when you’re looking for a healthy meal in a pinch, turn to lentils to give you the protein kick that you need.

In Conclusion

The above list of foods are just some of the healthy options that are very helpful in giving your body the nutrients you need. Remember that when it comes to building muscle and losing weight, protein is always a good idea; especially when it’s healthy proteins. These foods should be enough to get you started with ideas for healthier and more filling meals. They’re yummy, easy to find, and rich in the nutrients that your body needs.

At One Fitness Camp, we know how taking the first steps to greatness can be, and we’re here to help. We don’t push you into dieting or exercising your life away. Here at One Fitness Camp, we promote a healthy lifestyle by showing you how to make healthy food choices, prepare healthy meals, and have fun exercising without following a complex diet plan. We are here to show you, you can have fun and live without counting calories each time you eat. One Fitness Camp is ready to make you a believer. Contact us today to turn your life around and head towards healthy greatness.

One Fitness Camp10 Foods To Help You Build Muscle and Lose Fat
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13 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

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One Fitness Camp

Weight Loss

Weight loss is tricky and can be frustrating. Depending on your age, and current health factors, losing weight can be challenging. Use these tips to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

1.Make A Commitment

The very first thing you have to do is make a commitment. If you’re not ready to lose weight, you’ll say you’ll start a diet or eat healthy a specific day. When that day rolls around, you will put it off until a later date. To break the cycle, make a commitment, one that works for you. It’s tempting to make a commitment to the same things your friends are, but don’t give in. The commitment has to be about you and the goals you want to achieve.

2. Create Short-Term Goals

Setting goals are important. Short-term goals are the ones you need to set for one day, a few days, one week, two weeks or one month. Weight loss works well when you set goals because you can reward yourself each time you achieve a goal. Each time a goal is achieved, you boost your self-esteem and motivate yourself to achieve more of your goals.

3. Create Long Term Goals

Long term goals are just as important as short-term goals. Long term weight loss goals are ones you plan to reach two months or more down the line. These goals help keep you on track with short-term goals. When you reach your long-term goals, you are more motivated to do more than the minimum. At this time, you may be ready to go to the gym, remove certain foods from your diet or meet people who share some of the same goals.

4. Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

It’s great you’re eager to get things done, but don’t overdo it. A lot of people get ahead of themselves while trying to lose weight because they are excited and take on more than they can handle. Take things one day at a time. You will be surprised at how much better you will be able to handle weight loss challenges.

5. Get Friends and Family Members Involved

When you have someone to exercise and share your weight loss goals with, you are more likely to lose weight and keep it off. Your friends and family can be your support group and motivate you to success. It’s a lot more fun to exercise with other people than to exercise alone.

6. Keep a Journal

Keeping a weight loss journal is a genius idea. You can keep a lot of important information in your journal, such as foods you eat, new foods you try, dieting methods that seem to work and those that don’t, activities you participate in, your target weight loss goal, current weight loss, and new people you meet.

7. Don’t Start a Hardcore Diet

Another point of success with weight loss is not starting a hardcore diet. You may want the results the diet promises, but your mind and body may not be ready to accept and endure such drastic changes. If your mind and body are not tuned together, you could risk sabotaging your weight loss goals.

8. Research

Conducting research is important. If you plan on following a diet, you need to know the pros and cons, what other people are saying, look at reviews and ratings, and research some of the ingredients and foods that are suggested. The more you know about a diet, the better you can prepare for the results and various outcomes.

9. Give Yourself Time to Plan

Too often, people decide to start a diet spare the moment. It’s difficult to start a diet without planning or giving this potential change a little thought. Instead of trying to diet immediately, take time to plan. While you’re planning, research diets, check grocery stores for specific foods or seasonings you may need, research equipment you may want to use, and gyms you want to become a member of, as well as, preparing your mind for ultimate success.

10. Trust Yourself

Trusting yourself is an important part of dieting. If you feel you are doing too much or doing something too quickly, slow down or stop what you’re doing altogether. Listen to your body when it gives you signals that you’re spreading yourself too thin. You will be grateful you did.

11. Know Your Foods

There are some carbohydrates you need more than others. Unfortunately, non-nutritional carbohydrates are ones that often taste the best. These carbohydrates are the ones that are fatty foods, and sweet treats. Nutritionally-sound carbohydrates are ones that may not taste as good as non-nutritional carbohydrates, but they are the best for maintaining proper bodily functions and remaining healthy. Nutritional carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and some dairy products, such as milk. These carbohydrates help your body become stronger and prevent many diseases.

12. Set Realistic Expectations

It’s great to set goals, but you should always have realistic expectations. Losing weight takes time. It is not an overnight success. You have to work hard and be determined to lose weight. Setting expectations that are not realistic will get you off to a bad start on your weight loss journey and deter you from great weight loss success. Goals that are realistic motivate you to achieve more of your goals and create new ones.

13. Give Yourself Time to Succeed

Giving yourself time to succeed means allowing your body to adjust to the new changes you are making. Don’t stand on the scale after every healthy meal you eat. Don’t weigh yourself every day. It’s okay to weigh yourself every week and track your weight, but don’t be hard on yourself.

Achieving Goals Together

At One Fitness Camp, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your dreams will come true and you will be proud of yourself for taking the first steps to bettering your life. At One Fitness Camp, we are by your side and help boost your self-esteem. When you’re ready to take this journey, we’re ready to help. Contact us today and let us start you on your journey.

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Why Don’t Extreme Diets Work?

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extreme dieting

Extreme Dieting

When you think of extreme dieting, you may not be aware of many of the negative effects it has on your body. Contrary to the popular belief of many, crash diets don’t work! At One Fitness, we want our clients to get rid of the diet mentality and focus on positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.

The Feeling of Starvation

When you consume less than 1200 calories, your body goes into starvation mode. With the drastic reduction of calories, your metabolism will begin to slow down due to the limited food it’s receiving. Your body doesn’t know the next time it will be refueled, so it stores whatever nutrients it receives. This in turn will make you will burn less calories, slow down your metabolism, and lose weight at a slower rate.

Mentally Tough to Prepare Yourself

Diets are can be challenging both mentally and physically. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Disappointment is often a factor with crash diets due to the strict rules and guidelines that are difficult to follow. The majority of people eventually gain back whatever weight they lost while dieting and this repetitive cycle of losing and gaining can take a toll on your mental health.

Diets Are Tough Physically

When you begin an intense diet program, your body may not be receiving all nutrients needed to sustain a healthy self. Your body requires constant fuel throughout the day, and without proper nutrition, your energy levels will decrease and your metabolism will slow down. The only way to see significant and maintainable weight loss change is by calorie reduction, increasing physical activity (150-300 minutes per week), and implementing behavior changes to your lifestyle that will prevent weight to return.

They Are Dangerous

Many people are misinformed and believe weight loss aids give the opportunity to eat whatever they want, when they want, and still be able to lose weight. As a result, they continue their unhealthy eating habits, causing more negative impacts on their health.

These Diets Are Expensive

Many diet plans, pills, or supplements are expensive. People are eager to spend their money looking for a quick fix to their weight loss problems. Companies can use enticing before and after photos that have been completely paid for and are false. Don’t play into this!

Crash Diet Results Don’t Last

People think crash diets are all the rave because of the temporary results. A lot of people swear by these diets because of the results they see. Instead of working hard to obtain the desired results, people are ready to get their instant gratification. In the beginning, the results seem promising, but these results are temporary. Your body is not accustomed to these changes, and doesn’t know when there will be enough food, so it stores fat to keep enough food for proper body functions.

The Yo-Yo Diet Effect

Yo-yo dieting can have devastating health consequences on your body. The cycle of losing and gaining weight back can severely impact your metabolism rate, which means lower energy levels as well as a decrease in calorie burn. It can also increase your risk for diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and can increase body fat levels. The constant losing and then gaining weight back on can also take a toll on your mental health, creating a vicious cycle for anyone partaking in such diets.

How Can One Fitness Camp Help?

One Fitness Camp takes a different approach to weight loss by helping you lose the diet mentality. Without the diet mentality, you can embrace your full potential and open your mind to other alternatives to weight loss. Hard work will help you get fit and maintain a healthy weight. We offer the perfect environment, tools, meals, and staff to help you rise to the occasion and get healthy.

Here at One Fitness Camp, we are here to help you. Don’t let crash diets over take your life and cause problems. We are here to help you lose weight the healthy way. Contact us today for help with getting your life on track.

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Beneficial Diet Tips for Seniors

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One Fitness Camp Weight Loss for Seniors

Senior Diet Tips

You need diet tips more than you think. Your body changes as you age. You may find it difficult to lose weight due to current health conditions, and being less active than you once were. There are a variety of ways you can lose weight and keep it off. Following these diet tips for seniors and advice will help you.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Seniors

Losing weight is a challenge for anyone, and being a senior could mean more challenges. These diet tips and lifestyle changes help you lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, and live a healthy life.

Make A List

Make a list of the items you need to save time in the store to prevent buying unnecessary items. When you’re making the grocery list, think about the meals you will eat for the week. Buy only what you need from the store.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is more beneficial to your body than you may realize. Water detoxifies your body by removing toxins. Without water, you will dehydrate. You will survive longer without food than you will without water. Drinking generous amounts of water (at least 2.7 liters) each day, flushes fat from your body and aids with weight loss. Although you don’t have to omit all the beverages you drink from your diet, water should be the main beverage.

Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Fiber is your body’s best friend, and is surprisingly found in many of the foods you love. Fiber is an essential part of your diet. Without it, you risk increasing your chance of developing diabetes, experiencing inflammation, and other issues that accompany insufficient fiber amounts. Lack of fiber can cause trouble with losing weight and lower your energy levels. People choose to follow a 2,000 calorie diet, and if you choose to, you should eat at least 28g of fiber daily. Foods that are a good source of fiber include, pistachios, oranges, bananas, avocado, and popcorn, just to name a few.

Go Easy on the Salad Dressing

You love salad dressing as much as the next person. It’s the best part of the salad sometimes, we get it. If you want to lose weight, you should limit the amount of dressing you use. You don’t have to give up salad dressing entirely, but you should decrease the amount you put on your salad. Drizzle your favorite salad dressing over your salad without going overboard. You will be surprised at how the pounds fall off when you don’t consume a lot of salad dressing.

Cut Out the Alcohol

Alcohol puts a damper on weight loss. Having a glass of wine with dinner is a bit different from sitting at the bar, continuously taking shots. One glass of wine contains at least 100 calories, so it’s best to drink wine in moderation. Aside from the calories, wine makes you hungry, as well as, lowers your blood sugar.

Portion Your Food

A lot of people lose weight slowly or not at all due to incorrect portioning. Portioning your food is not as hard as it seems. Half of your plate should be filled with raw vegetables or ones that are steamed. The other half of your plate should be filled with a starch and protein. These two items should not be high in fat. Portioning your food correctly is one of many important diet tips you must follow.

Exercise More

You don’t have to endure in a hard-core workout every day, but you should still walk, jog or endure in some type of activity. Exercising is as simple as parking further from the grocery store entrance or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking more will help you shed pounds and feel less sluggish. Balanced meals and exercise will help you lose weight.

Get Fresh Air

Get outside and get active! Fresh air boosts your mood and makes you feel great. If you have pets, enjoy fun in the sun with them or invite family and friends over to enjoy the weather. Go for a swim or ride your bike while you’re enjoying fresh air.

Be Patient

It’s okay to be anxious to enjoy your weight loss results, but be patient. Losing weight takes time and unfortunately will not take place overnight. You will notice results as soon as two weeks into making these lifestyle changes. Don’t torture yourself by watching the calendar and spending your life on the scale. Once your body gets used to the changes, you will lose weight on a regular basis.

Involve Friends and Family

Losing weight is challenging, and friends and family can help keep you on the right track. It’s easy to get distracted when you have tasty treats around you or you get the urge to enjoy fast food again. Your family and friends will help you get through your cravings and remind you of your weight loss goals. Family and friends are your support group.

Adjust Your Attitude

Dieting puts you in a bad mood because of the changes taking place in your body. You may be cranky because you feel like you’re starving or you’re not satisfied with your current situation with weight loss. These feelings are normal, but it’s important to remember your goals in the near and far future. Experiencing mood swings is normal, and these things will pass once your body becomes custom to your new eating and lifestyle habits.

Enjoy Yourself

Dieting is rough at times, and that’s expected. No matter what or how you feel, you can’t give up or give in. Be happy you are making positive changes in your life and taking control. You will be happier when you begin to see the results you want, and you have more energy to do more throughout the day. This is one of many diet tips that many seniors overlook. Every day is a new day, so don’t let the problems of yesterday get you down the next day.

Let’s Be Great Together

At One Fitness Camp, we understand how difficult it can be to lose weight and keep up with the latest diet tips. Weight loss challenges many people, but you don’t have to go through it alone. These diet tips will help you start a diet and stick with it. Become part of our family. Contact us today to get on the successful road to weight loss.

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Weight Loss Tips for Type 2 Diabetics

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One Fitness Camp

Let’s Get Fit!

Weight Loss and Diabetes

Living with type two diabetes can be difficult, but not impossible. Weight loss is important for people with diabetes. Due to having excess fat, your body will resist insulin. Many people who have type two diabetes are considered overweight or obese. There are different steps you can take to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Be As Physical As Possible
In order to lose weight, you have to diet, as well as, exercise. Increasing your physical activity will help you lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight. Walking is the preferred method of exercise.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal
You have heard the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and it is. Eating breakfast helps you lose weight by preventing overeating throughout the day. Many diabetes weight loss plans include eating breakfast to prevent wrecking your diet plan. Cereal that is high in fiber and does not have a lot of added sugars is the best for a weight loss breakfast.

Decrease Your Caloric Intake
Your caloric intake varies because everyone’s body responds to calories differently. The amount of daily calories you should consume depend upon your current weight, age, body type, gender, and activity level. On average, women with diabetes should consume between 1,200 and 1,800 calories daily. Men, on average, should consume anywhere between 1,400 and 2,000 calories within one day.

Consume Generous Amounts of Fiber
Fiber works wonders for your body because it helps with lowering your blood sugar levels and helps you lose weight quicker. 25 grams of fiber each day is an adequate amount for women between the ages of 31 and 50. Women who are 51 years of age or older should consume 22 grams of fiber each day. Men in these same age ranges require 28 grams of fiber on a daily basis.

Plan Smaller Meals
Eating smaller meals allows you to eat more times a day. Many diet plans require you to eat only two big meals each day which causes you to feel like you’re starving. Your body will store calories to ensure it has what it needs to continue operating properly which will cause you to gain weight. Eating large meals can cause your blood sugar levels to increase. Eating smaller meals throughout the day helps your body maintain healthy glucose levels.

Start Small
A lot of people give up hope of losing weight because they are afraid of the challenges they may face. It’s okay to be afraid. Start small and gradually make your way to where you want to be. Losing weight is a challenge many people face. When you start small, plan short-term goals, such as, your target weight loss goal for one week. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals. It’s important you set realistic, healthy goals.

Create A Support Group
A support group is there for you through the good and bad times, and will be there for you when you reach your target weight loss goal. People in your support group should be positive and motivate you to stay on the right track to healthy weight loss. You can reach out to other people who want to lose weight and support each other on the journey to lose weight.

Tricks to Help You Stop Overeating

Low-Calorie Foods Are the Key to Success
You can stop wasting precious time counting carbs. One key to successful weight loss is eating smarter and healthier. Instead of diving in to the foods on your plate with the most calories, start small by eating foods that have the least calories. By the time you eat the low-calorie foods, you will not be as hungry and enticed to eat more food.

Save the Dressing
You will be surprised at how much salad dressing you waste. Instead of pouring half a bottle of dressing on your salad, put the dressing in a cup, like a side dish, and dip your fork into the dressing. This will prevent you from wasting salad dressing, as well as, packing on the calories.

Adopt A Hobby
Being busy means you will not have time to stop and eat or snack. When you’re idle, you are sitting there, doing nothing. This is the perfect storm for eating foods that are high in fat, such as, candy, cookies, and chips. 9 times out of 10, you are sitting down, snacking which means your body is not active. Your body will store fat because you are inactive.

Manage Your Cravings
Sometimes cravings come out of the blue, and you want a specific fatty food or treat right then. One popular hack with managing cravings is brushing your teeth with toothpaste. Most people that use this tip prefer peppermint-flavored toothpaste.

Learn Your Body
Learning your body is easier said than done. You may know which foods to avoid to prevent an upset stomach or heartburn, but do you know how your metabolism responds to the foods you eat? Some foods may make you feel heavier than others, while other foods you eat make you feel empty, and still hungry. Learn more about your body by keeping a journal of the foods you eat and how you feel after you eat them.

Know the Different Food Types
A lot of people gain weight unintentionally because they misread food labels. There are foods that are more nutritional than others. Carbohydrates your body needs include vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Your body needs to remain healthy and function properly. Eating healthy foods, including fresh fruits and whole grains will aid in proper bodily functions. Carbohydrates that do not provide your body with much nutritional value include sodas and juices high in fructose, fatty fried foods, and sweets.

Getting in Shape

We are dedicated to helping you reach your weight loss goal. When you’re ready to make a change for the better and take control of your life, One Fitness Camp will be there, leading and guiding you to victory. Contact us today to learn how you can begin your weight loss journey.

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Fitbit or Apple Watch for Weight Loss?

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Many of our camp members always ask us for our recommendation in regards to the best fitness tracker to use for fitness and weight loss. With the release of the new apple watch there has been a great deal of debate about whether the Fitbit or the Apple Watch is the better investment for those on a mission to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The reason why it has become so controversial as to whether purchasing the Fitbit or the Apple Watch is a better idea is because the Apple Watch is far more expensive. This article will provide an informed comparison as to whether the Fitbit or the Apple Watch is the better investment by comparing their unique features such as: battery life, App’s, design, price, activity tracking, and heart rate monitoring. This article will be particularly useful to you if you have recently attended a weight loss camp for adults and are trying to find the right system for you. Consider the discussion below when making your final choice between the Fitbit & Apple Watch.

Multiple App’s

Before the Fitbit was labeled as a Smart Watch, its sole purpose was to track activities. This is the most advanced function that the Fitbit offers to their consumers. That said, when considering whether the Fitbit can support multiple App’s, it cannot. The Fitbit cannot measure up to the Apple Watch in this respect because the fundamental core of its design was created for an entirely different purpose. The Apple Watch when it comes to multiple App’s is absolutely the dominant product for those looking to not only have activity tracking features, but to also engage with multiple App’s both while working out and while going about their daily routine. For example, the Apple Watch has a camera, calendar, speaker, weather indicator, and microphone. In the subsequent versions, the Fitbit has attempted to compete with the Apple Watch, which is why now some support with other running App’s such as Nike have been integrated into the Fitbit. That said, the Apple Watch still has a substantial advantage in terms of integration with multiple App’s across the board.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, both devices are on par with one another. Battery life is not the deciding factor that would make a customer choose between the two devices. That said, Apple devices have many different charging features that can be connected to laptops or traditional wall chargers. This is something to consider if you are an individual that travels a great deal and may forget to charge on a regular basis.

Another factor that is important to consider regarding battery life is the recent studies on sleep depravation and its impact on illness and weight loss. The Apple Watch does have to be charged at night, which makes it not able to monitor the hours of sleep that the individual is getting. Fitbit allows the individual to track the quality of sleep that they are getting in order to have the appropriate results from their weight loss and health goals.


Design is something that is absolutely a main component in terms of differentiating the two products. In terms of market niche, the Fitbit always favored the active, while Apple favored the active yet trendy. The Fitbit is known for being more basic and does not have a watch feature. The design of the screen is solely designed for the purpose of activity tracking, which is why the screen is in black and white rather than the color that the Apple Watch possesses. That said, the activity tracking that is available on the Fitbit is far preferred by serious runners that are looking for particular measurements that the Apple Watch doesn’t quite offer. Even though the design of the Fitbit is not the most snazzy, it does perform spectacularly for the purpose that it was created. In terms of band design, the Fitbit has a more athletic waterproof look than the Apple Watch does, which also appeals to its intended demographic.

Activity Tracking

The philosophy behind both the Fitbit and Apple Watch are to encourage individuals to be more active across the board. Both the Apple Watch and Fitbit do an excellent job of tracking activity; however, they do so with different strengths and weaknesses. To start, the Apple Watch has an excellent alarm that will sound when the person has not done enough activity. This feature is ideal for the individual that is trying to make a major change in their routine and who needs to be constantly reminded to be active.

The Apple Watch specifically tracks the distance traveled and the amount of calories burned. For a more in depth analysis, the Fitbit App will allow the customer to track the distance in terms of hills and flat surfaces that they have traveled. Fitbit enables the customer’s weight to be factored into the distance and calories burned to give the most accurate representation of which goals were met by using the activity tracker.

The original versions of the Apple Watch were not seen as serious products for aggressive runners. However, the second generation of the Apple Watch really became competitive when they integrated GPS into their product. For the adventurous runner or walker, they could easily take unique courses to spice up their typical exercise routine. The other element that made the Apple Watch more competitive in subsequent generations was the ability to have the features of 4G and on board music available. This ensures that an individual can workout and never take their phone or wallet with them as additional weight. For an individual that is walking or running a long distance, this is something that is quite useful to their ultimate enjoyment of their workout.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Apple Watch will only check an individual’s heart rate every ten minutes when the Workout App is not turned on. That said, when the Workout App is turned on, the device will monitor the heart rate continuously. This is where the Fitbit has better features than the Apple Watch because the Fitbit’s purpose revolves more around exercise and Cardio Vascular results from exercise. For this reason, there is a greater emphasis on the heart rate monitor feature of the Fitbit than the Apply Watch. Depending on what the individual is looking for, they should absolutely take this into account.

Final Remarks

The Fitbit and Apple Watch are two devices that have been in competition with one another for a considerable amount of time; however, each device has their own niche of prospective consumers. Depending upon which consumer an individual is, they will be able to determine which product best suits their needs. What is important to take into account is the Apple Watch is for the individual that wants a smaller Smart Phone traveling with them everywhere they go that includes workouts and the Fitbit is for the more serious exercise individual that needs accurate tracking for marathon training and more serious training goals.

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6 Stretches to Enhance Your Weight Loss Success

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An important part of weight loss is related to stretching. Many individuals do not realize this and lose a great deal of weight loss potential by failing to stretch after lifting weights or doing cardio. If you are unsure of how to stretch properly, then it is best to attend a fitness camp for adults. At this camp, you will explore different exercise techniques across the board and will be able to learn how to utilize them to help your specific physique. This is how you will achieve great results with your weight loss strategy. Here are six stretches to enhance your weight loss success:

1. Ballet Bar: Completing Ballet stretches is a wonderful addition to your workout after you have finished cardio. If you complete thirty minutes of Ballet Bar exercises, you will strengthen your legs and core. You will notice results from this immediately.

2. Pilates Reformer: Getting on the pilates reformer is a great way to strengthen your core at the end of your workout. It is wise to take a class with an experienced instructor before getting on the reformer to reduce the chance of injury. Once you have learned the stretches, then you will be able to conduct these stretches on your own.

3. Physio Ball: Stretching your stomach on the Physio ball is a great way to strengthen your stomach after you have worked it hard with weight training or cardio. This extra stretch will make your muscles become their potential and really look great.

4. Lunges: Lunges are wonderful for your buttocks and legs. You will see great results from completing lunges in your home or gym. Make sure that you are aligning your knee properly so that it is not bending over your toe too far. This can cause major knee injuries that will prove to be quite painful later on.

5. Plank: Planks are wonderful for stretching. They will force your body to hold the position with a flat back. This stretch will likely be the most challenging part of your workout that day.

6. Splits: Splits are great to work your inner thighs. Be sure that you are warmed up before trying to do the splits and remember, that this stretch takes a long time to develop. Jumping right into it could cause you great injury.

It is important to use stretching in your workouts. Individuals that don’t will have a great disadvantage when they are trying to lose weight. It is intelligent to meet with experts to learn how to stretch properly. This will help you to avoid injury when you are new at the concept of stretching. If you approach stretching this way, you can and will have success with your weight loss plan.

One Fitness Camp6 Stretches to Enhance Your Weight Loss Success
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5 Great Ways to Tone Your Muscles This Summer

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During the Summer, it is very important to maintain your workouts. That being said, it is also important to carefully maintain the nature of what your workouts are actually accomplishing. For example, there is a way to work out effectively and ineffectively. The key to having effective weight loss results is related to utilizing your workout time effectively. This way, you will be able to have a great deal of success with your weight loss strategy. Here are five great ways to tone your muscles this Summer:

1. Attend a Weight Loss Camp for Adults: Weight loss camps are great because you are able to learn about new and innovative exercises. For this reason, it is something that will train you how to use your workouts more effectively.

2. Use Free Weights on Cardio Machines: Free weights add a challenge to any workout. This is precisely why it is wise to use them when you are on a cardio machine. In doing so, you will be able to challenge your core muscles, which will result in great definition that looks natural when you are losing weight.

3. Get a Medicine Ball: Medicine balls are excellent ways to tone all parts of your body. For example, it is possible to do crunches, leg strengthening exercises, lower back exercises. The key to using this properly is going to be related to being informed on how to do the exercises properly so that you are doing the proper amount to get the best possible results in the least amount of time.

4. Do Planks Regularly: Planks are an excellent way to tone your body without making a major exercise equipment purchase. In fact, planks can be done anywhere, which makes them a very versatile workout tool for you to utilize. One great way to complete planks is to listen to different songs while you are completing planks. This helps the time pass quickly and produce great results.

5. Take Ballet Class: Ballet class has many wonderful ways to stretch and tone one’s muscles. Try to take at least one Ballet class per week in order to have balanced results that you will see when you are trying to lose weight. For many individuals, Ballet is the missing link when considering how to lose weight effectively.

Losing weight is something that takes a lot of strategy; however, it is important to think of innovative methods to make your strategy more effective. Toning one’s muscles is a wonderful way to enhance the results of weight loss by burning a few additional calories. Consider the recommended tips above to put yourself in a position to truly look and feel your absolute best while you are losing weight.

One Fitness Camp5 Great Ways to Tone Your Muscles This Summer
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5 Beverages to Consume for Weight Loss

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Many people are unaware of the direct link between the liquids we drink and the calories that we consume. It is recommended to consider what liquids you are consuming on a regular basis in order to see if you are consuming too many calories with the beverages we are consuming. This can be a major delay to your weight loss success. Attending a weight loss camp for adults will allow you to obtain valuable information of nutrition that can make a difference in how quickly you lose weight. Be sure to take this advice seriously so that you are able to come up with the most effective weight loss plan possible. Here are five beverages to consume for weight loss:

1. Protein Shake: Protein shakes are great items to consume in the morning to jump start your metabolism. These days, they come in many different delicious flavors and can be consumed while you are in transit to work. Chocolate is one of the best flavors offered, which is why it is an easy, yet healthy breakfast to enjoy.

2. Water: Water is something that you can drink of in mass quantities when you are trying to lose weight. Consuming water is something that is essential to your progress when you are losing weight because it helps your body to remain hydrated and healthy.

3. Diet Snapple: Diet Snapple comes in many different fruit flavors, which makes it a great choice when you are looking for a sweet drink that is not high in calories. Thinking in this manner is something that will help you to avoid juices that have a very high amount of calories that are hidden inside them.

4. Iced Black Coffee: Black coffee that does not have any sugar in it is a great choice when you need to wake up, but are still trying to count calories. In the warmer months, iced coffee is not only refreshing, but it is also great for your waistline. The key to being successful with black coffee is to add as little to it as possible for the ultimate health benefits.

5. Small Portion Drinks: Half the battle with choosing the proper drinks to consume is going to be related to size of the portion. Choosing drinks that are smaller in size is a great way to reduce the total amount of liquid calories that you are consuming when you are trying to lose weight quickly.

It is wise to carefully watch which beverages you are consuming when you are trying to lose weight. If you keep track of these beverages carefully, you will find a great deal of success when you are moving forward with your goal of losing weight.

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6 Ideal Vegetables to Consume for Weight Loss

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One important component of losing weight is figuring out how to eat right. Many individuals only exercise and wonder why they are not seeing the results they desire as they still consume junk food. The best way to truly lose weight efficiently is to receive outside guidance on how you can improve your diet. If you are at a loss of where to begin, it can be quite useful to attend a fitness camp for adults. At this camp, you will learn valuable information on how to reform your own personal nutrition. This will assist you in obtaining the weight loss results that you desire at a more rapid rate. Here are six ideal vegetables to consume for weight loss:

1. Broccoli: Broccoli is a great vegetable to consume for weight loss. The reason for this is that broccoli can be used in many healthy cooking dishes. From a side dish to a stir fry, broccoli is a great vegetable to keep on hand when you are trying to lose weight.

2. Red Peppers: Red peppers add a very unique flavor to dishes. Red peppers are great in salads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Red peppers are also a great addition to many dishes containing steak or chicken. Keep red peppers present in your kitchen in order to obtain great variety in your diet. This will assist you in losing weight.

3. Spinach: Spinach is something that is excellent for weight loss. Salads that contain spinach rather than lettuce are far better for your body. Be sure that you include spinach in your diet as a part of a side salad. You will not only feel better, but you will be consuming far less calories for your weight loss strategy.

4. Carrots: Carrots are wonderful for your vision, but they are also great for weight loss. Add carrots to salads, stir fry dishes, and meat combinations. Carrots are also wonderful in a slow cooked stew. If you are able to do this, you will have many diverse dishes to enjoy as you are trying to lose weight.

5. Eggplant: Eggplant is a vegetable that is served in many cultures in the world. it has a great flavor that can be adapted to a vinegar-based dish, salad or stir fry. Use eggplant on a grill and you will love the texture that it possesses.

6. Onion: Onion is divine for flavor both cooked and uncooked. In many cases, adding onion to your dish will be a wonderful contribution to the dish’s flavor.

Losing weight is something that you can achieve if you choose to eat right. Bear this in mind so that you are able to choose the proper dishes that will suit your weight loss strategy. In doing so, include your vegetables and you will be amazed at the results that you see in your physique.

One Fitness Camp6 Ideal Vegetables to Consume for Weight Loss
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