4 Motivation Tips When You Feel Like Giving Up on Your Diet

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adult-camp2-150x150Many people who want to lose weight know the basics of diet and exercise. A problem that can appear has to do with motivation. It is easy to become discouraged when trying to lose weight. There are ways to combat this. Here are four motivation tips for when you feel like giving up on your diet.

Start Making a Journal

One way to keep yourself motivated is to start making a journal. Write down your struggles and successes with weight loss. You can then go back through the journal to read how you felt in previous days or weeks. A journal will give you a good amount of perspective about how you handled previous tough periods. You might even find that you have provided motivation for your future self in the past pages of the journal.

Include a Friend

Something that can be a really positive motivator is including a friend in your weight loss experience. Find a close friend to report to on a regular basis. Talk to that friend whenever you feel like giving up on your diet. A friend can provide you with motivation and positivity that will drive you forward towards your ultimate weight loss goals.

Take Things One Minute at A Time

Something that can really break your motivation to lose weight is thinking too much about what you have to do or not do in the future. You can sometimes completely lose the will to lose weight when this happens. The trick to combating those feelings is to take things one minute at a time. Focus exclusively on not overeating, choosing something healthy or doing exercise for just the minute you are living in. This will help you to stick to your diet and stay motivated.

Consider Entering a Weight Loss Program

If you are regularly having motivation problems when dieting on your own, then you should consider entering a weight loss program. A good weight loss camp will keep you motivated while also teaching you new skills and educating you about nutrition. Going through a weight loss program just once will teach you how to keep yourself motivated. You will also come out of the program or camp weighing less than when you went in.

One Fitness Camp4 Motivation Tips When You Feel Like Giving Up on Your Diet
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Three Morning Habits to Help You Lose Weight

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adult-fat-camp1a-150x150Never underestimate the power of routine. Routine is a vital ingredient to any longterm, weight loss endeavor. Permanent success is nothing more than doing little things consistently well, and there is no better time to incorporate these habits than the beginning of the day.

A healthy, well-balanced, prepared breakfast is a must for anyone who desires permanent weight loss. Breakfast helps jump start a faster metabolism. Since more calories are burned throughout the day than during exercise, having a more efficient metabolism at rest is desirable. People who skip breakfast may go as long as 18 hours without consuming food given a 6pm dinner and 12pm lunch the following day. This is absolutely disastrous for retaining muscle quality as it constantly places the body in a catabolic state and ultimately slows metabolic function resulting in weight gain.

Morning exercise is also great for anyone who desires weight loss. Like morning breakfast; exercise contributes to a faster, more efficient, fat incinerating metabolism. While you can achieve results with afternoon or evening exercise, morning exercise eliminates the excuse of fatigue associated with the end of the workday. Starting at a enjoyable pace will help adherence and ensure greater success. It is very important to do hard jobs first.

Packing lunch will not only help ensure greater weight loss success, but it will also add a few extra bucks to the monthly budget. Brown bagging allows you to prepare healthy meals that coincide with goals. Lunch time meals at popular, sandwich shops can top nearly 1,000 calories! Considering many people need no more than 2,000 calories per day, this number is huge.

While the aforementioned does require work, it is well worth the benefits associated with weight loss. It is also recommended to consult a weight loss camp professional ensuring attainable goals. Avoiding over-ambition can eliminate frustration when the real work begins. A weight loss camp advisor will also help you achieve success through feedback, encouragement and creativity as they challenge you in a way that makes exercise fun.

One Fitness CampThree Morning Habits to Help You Lose Weight
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Three Ways to Say “No” to Unhealthy Holiday Foods

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weight loss secretsIt’s that time of year again when when families, friends and co-workers traditionally gather to celebrate a variety of winter holidays. During this time, it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves facing a cornucopia of delicious holiday foods and treats that they are expected to at least sample.

If you are the type of person that puts on pounds over the holidays, you should start thinking about how you can prevent that weight gain now. Obviously overeating will cause weight gain. Another problem is unhealthy foods. Many holiday foods are filled with ingredients that are unhealthy in small quantities let alone large ones, such as table sugar, saturated fats and white wheat flour.

What do we recommend?

Explain Beforehand

All too often guests fail to explain health restrictions to their host. Concern about weight loss is just as important as concern about allergies. Explain to your host that you’re trying to keep the weight off so that he/she will be less inclined to push food at you.

Drink Water

Thirst and hunger pangs feel a lot alike. Staying hydrated during an event by drinking water will deal with any potential dehydration. Plain water can also make you feel full. On the other hand, sugary beverages can actually increase cravings.

Seek Distractions

Another reason people eat unhealthy foods is because they’re stressed out. Some people can’t stand to interact with large crowds. Many event-goers feel like they are rude if they don’t taste everything and then overdo. To keep your mind and mouth distracted, snack on a healthy plate of raw fruits and/or vegetables, chew a piece of gum or talk with another guest who isn’t eating anything.

The above said, you are perfectly normal if you can’t resist a holiday spread. Many people gain weight simply because they love holiday meals and treats. The team of professionals at our live-in weight loss camp can help you shed those holiday pounds. We can also share with you additional tips like these to help you keep the weight off!

One Fitness CampThree Ways to Say “No” to Unhealthy Holiday Foods
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Five Benefits of Joining a Weight Loss Camp to Lose Weight

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ofc4Weight loss often requires breaking old habits and forming new ones. Neither of those requirements are easy and together, can be an insurmountable challenge for many. A live in weight loss camp can help provide the tools to overcome these barriers and finally get off of the weight loss rollercoaster. Here are five benefits of joining a weight loss camp.

Break Away from Normal Routines

Often, people struggle with weight loss because of the difficulty of developing new patterns in their lives. These patterns may range from a morning coffee run topped off with a doughnut to sleeping in instead of waking up early for a walk before work. When people are in a new environment, they cannot rely on the same old habit triggers they have at home. New and improved routines are formed more easily.


Many people start diets or exercise routines over and over, without any regular check in on progress with a third party. For many, just knowing that they will have to revisit their goals on a regular basis can provide the boost they need to kick-start their weight loss journey.

Sharing the Experience with a Community

In addition to accountability, sharing the experience with others in a similar place helps provide emotional support and a sense of belonging. Campers can learn, grow and discuss new experiences together, without fear of judgment.

An Open Learning Environment

Trying new things for the first time with others who are also in a learning mindset removes a lot of the nervousness of trying something new for the first time, whether it’s a new exercise or cooking a new dish. After all, no one is born knowing how to cook kale!

Coaching on How to Apply Habits at Home

No matter how wonderful your camp experience is, the ultimate goal is to return home armed with the habits and knowledge that will make your weight loss an enduring success. The journey does not end when you leave the camp. Experienced coaches can help you formulate a plan for how you will continue your weight loss success when you return home to your former habits, relationships and comfort patterns.

Consider a live-in weight loss camp for a jumpstart to permanent weight loss. Sharing the experience outside your normal environment provides a unique opportunity to create meaningful and lasting change in your health and well-being.

One Fitness CampFive Benefits of Joining a Weight Loss Camp to Lose Weight
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4 Reasons to Join a Weight Loss Camp this Fall

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IMG_2819-150x150The holidays mean parties, seeing family and friends and lots of unhealthy food options. Joining a weight loss camp will not only give you the strength you need to avoid all of the empty calories at holiday parties but will also allow you to show off your new body at family gatherings. There are many benefits of joining a camp this fall.

Learn to Change Your Lifestyle

Studies have shown that lifestyle changes, not diets, are the way to go when losing weight. Anyone can write an article or an e-book that proclaims the latest way to lose weight. Using these methods can result in some weight loss. However, losing weight and keeping it off requires changing habits. Expert coaches that are employed at camps for weight loss will provide you with proper exercise training, healthy eating tips and can help you to break bad habits that can cause weight gain.

Get Support from Others

Losing weight can be hard. Having friends who support your healthful choices makes losing weight much easier. Unfortunately, many people experience jealousy and rude comments from others when losing weight. Camps for weight loss give you an instant support system with others who are making the same changes and facing the same struggles as you are.

Break Bad Habits by Taking a Break

The stress of work and family can cause bad habits, such as late-night eating, fast food runs and no time to exercise. Taking a break from the stresses of life at camp will help you to break these former bad habits and can allow you time to re-charge and make good choices.

You Will Save Money

Being overweight costs money due to increased health insurance rates, prescriptions for weight-related health problems and unsuccessful diet books and gimmicks. Learning the right way to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise can help you to reduce health costs and keep you from buying the latest diet fad book forever.

Fall is the perfect time to lose weight before the holidays begin. Joining a weight loss camp that is specialized in weight loss will help you have the support and tools you need to finally lose your unwanted weight and keep it off for good.

One Fitness Camp4 Reasons to Join a Weight Loss Camp this Fall
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4 Inspiration Tips To Start Exercising This Week

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weight-loss-camp-activities2-150x150Finding the motivation you need to start exercising doesn’t have to be complicated. Like any successful change, the most inspirational routine is the one you can do and stick with. The following ideas will kick start your exercise program, helping you to whittle away pounds and get strong and fit in the process.

Five-Minute Steps

Exercising doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. Instead, one easy way to inspire yourself to exercise more is to take five minutes between chores and do some step aerobics to your favorite song. The duration of your physical exertion doesn’t even have to be five minutes. Once the song is done, you can be done. Adding this simple routine to your day throughout your day can net you an extra 30 to 40 minutes of exercise everyday if you just take the process and repeat it until you’ve gotten your 30 minutes in by the end of the day.

Get an Accountability Partner

If going to the gym sounds great until going for a scoop of ice cream sounds better, maybe you’d like to try working out with a partner. The accountability partner makes sure that you get up for that morning workout or train for that bike race you’ve always wanted to do. Of course, you do the same for your partner, providing support and encouragement when needed.

Buy an App

If you have a phone and access to Google Play or iTunes, you’ll find all the motivation you need to start an exercise program. From apps that teach you to workout in seven minutes or less a day to apps that train you MMA style, you’re sure to find at least one of them that will help you get your groove on.

Weight Loss Camp

For many people, the words “weight lost camp” conjure up images of drill sergeants and daily marathons starting at 5:00 a.m. However, these days, these sites feel more like an on-going fun adventure than a stint in the army. With morning yoga, kayaking trips, and evenings that end with a campfire, you learn to exercise and to eat right AND to learn to associate physical activity with fun instead of drudgery. Not a bad trade off.

One Fitness Camp4 Inspiration Tips To Start Exercising This Week
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Preparing For Your Weight Loss Journey

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contact-weight-loss-camp-150x150There is no question that weight loss is a journey, and it is one that many stumble and fall on. There is still hope for those who are hoping to lose weight though. It just may require a little more motivation and self esteem than what we at first realized. That is a great challenge to many and should provide for plenty of motivation to people to stick with things and push themselves until they are able to get through it all.

Step 1: Envision A Better You

You have to know why you want to lose weight in the first place, and this means that you have to want to reach that pinnacle of health to begin with. Not everyone can count themselves in that camp sadly. You must first think about how great it will feel to have lost all of that weight. Think about the praise you will receive from others and how good you will finally feel in your own body once again. It is a truly rewarding journey that many want to start.

Step 2: Find A Plan That Works For You

Most require some combination of diet and exercise to reach the point where they are on a healthy journey towards weight loss and feeling better. This is what you can strive for as well. Think about going to a weight loss camp for some motivation. This is the kind of place that offers support and the example of others who are going through the same things that you are.

These camps offer a lot of promise and the ability for many to get past their initial fears and onto losing the weight.

Step 3: Stick With It

For any good plan to work you have to stick with it through thick and thin. There are always possible downfalls, but when you really want what you are striving for, there is nothing that can stop you.

One Fitness CampPreparing For Your Weight Loss Journey
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3 Ways to Lose Fat This Fall

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food-to-speed-up-metabolismFall is a favorite time of the year for many people thanks to the smells and tastes of the season. Delicious pumpkin cupcakes, warm apple pie and Sunday brunches are only some of the treats that add pounds to your body. Instead of packing on weight this fall, look to some ideas to help you drop the pounds.

Take a Break

Sometimes, it’s simply your daily life that gets in the way of your weight loss goals. While going to a weight loss camp may prove difficult when you are in the midst of work or school, you can try a fitness retreat. Getting a break from your day-to-day life can help to jump start your weight loss goals. During this period of time, you can learn strategies and techniques to take back home with you.

Find Low-fat Alternatives

Fighting your way through the season without any fall treats at all is going to prove difficult. Instead of completely abolishing your favorite seasonal meals and snacks from the menu, look toward low-fat and non-fat ingredients to replace some of the unhealthier options. Also, you can give yourself days when you indulge a little. For example, enjoying family favorites on Thanksgiving is unlikely to hurt you if you get right back on track the next day.

Participate in Outdoor Fall Activities

Don’t assume that all of those outside activities that helped you to shed pounds during the summer are lost. Participating in fall sports is possible in many communities. Also, think about how great and invigorated you will feel after going for a walk or a run in the autumn breeze. No need exists to give up on outdoor activities just because the weather is a little cooler.

Instead of hunkering down in the house and consuming pounds of sweet treats and savory snacks, make it your mission to lose weight this fall and to keep the pounds off all throughout the holiday season.

One Fitness Camp3 Ways to Lose Fat This Fall
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4 Exercises to Reduce Stress

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Exercise has numerous benefits. It helps you to lose weight, increases your metabolic rate and improves your overall health. From enhancing fitness to increasing endurance levels, exercise benefits us in myriad ways. While exercise has become a mantra for weight loss, the other benefits are not oft talked about. Exercise can reduce stress for instance. Not all exercises will reduce stress but there are some. Stress is of two kinds. One is psychological and the other is physical. You may wonder how something that is physical exhausting as exercise can attend to physical stress. But there lies the beauty. Also, exercise can help you get rid of psychological stress. Here are four exercises to reduce stress.

Stretching is a stress buster.

It may come as a surprise but it is true. Get up after working for three hours at a stretch, go out of your office, stretch a little and breathe in some fresh air and you will experience substantial stress relief. Stretching is and should be the first exercise you do, no matter what kind of workout routine you have signed up for. You will notice whether you are at a weight loss camp or you are trying to grow your muscles at a gym, that every trainer will ask you to stretch first. That is primarily because your body needs to be stretched, all parts have to be relaxed and the right posture have to be attained but also because stretching helps you to unwind. Unwinding and switching off the outside world is important while exercising.

Jogging helps in reducing stress.

You cannot keep thinking about the issue that is causing stress while jogging. You need to focus on the jog. Just enjoy the run and you will experience some relief from stress. Jogging improves blood flow throughout the body and that is a key to overcome physical stress. Also, when you are distracted from the stress causing issue, you can get some relief.

Core exercises also reduce stress.

Any kind of core training will increase the capacity of your lungs. You will breathe in more air and exhale much more effectively. This reduces stress.

Pilates, yoga and the likes also reduce stress.

These are exercises that factor in the need to meditate and the settings are often a different world from the one outside. The whole ambience, the holistic approach and the steady manner in which you work out will always counter stress.

One Fitness Camp4 Exercises to Reduce Stress
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4 Creative Weight Loss Tips

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IMG_2805All weight loss programs have two things in common. You have to plan your diet and you must exercise. Any weight loss program that doesn’t include both or just focuses on one is going to be unhealthy. You want to lose weight but you also want to do it in the right way. There are many side effects and untoward consequences of poorly planned and unhealthy weight loss programs.

Standard exercise regimens and typical diets don’t always work. That is when you need to try something different; scientific but different. Here are four creative weight loss tips that can really make a difference for you.

Let us begin with some smart approaches to eating.

It is given that you must control how much you eat but also when you eat and what you eat. You should eat when hungry. We humans have developed certain norms. There are certain times of the day when we have to eat because of the custom and not because we are hungry. That shouldn’t be the case. Even if you are snacking and that too something healthy, it will add to your calorie intake and it would not be used if you are not hungry. Wait for the body to indicate or show signs of hunger and then grab a quick bite. When you are truly hungry, you can digest and metabolize any food. But if you are not hungry, then you wouldn’t be able to burn the calories you get from fruits even.

Pick a sport.

Develop a hobby that requires you to be active. You can dance, play tennis, swim or do anything that requires you to move. We have become increasingly inactive and that is the primary problem with our lifestyles. Exercises are time bound and they can get tedious and boring at times. Sports will never be boring, if you like something that is.

Sign up for a weight loss camp.

One major challenge of weight loss programs is sticking with it. Many people call it off after a few days or weeks. Another major challenge is to take the right steps. Not everyone knows what works for them. A weight loss camp will provide enough motivation to stick to the path taken and it will be a trove of knowledge where one can get truly guided to lose weight.

Learn yoga postures.

We indulge in wrong postures, whether we are sitting, slouching, couching or sleeping. Learning correct postures will help the body to burn more calories and it is also a secret to stay fit.

One Fitness Camp4 Creative Weight Loss Tips
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