4 Weight Loss Tips for People with Diabetes

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trainer-150x120Dealing with diabetes can be difficult in itself but having to lose weight in the process can be even more of a struggle because of the limited food options available. Eating the wrong foods can cause some kind of attack on the body, making it harder to choose what to eat as a diabetic. Use these four simple weight loss tips that are perfect for diabetics.

4 Weight Loss Tips for People with Diabetes

Get Fiber Every Day

It’s vital that you get plenty of fiber. Eating foods like oatmeal, oat bran, apples, ground flax seed, both raw and cooked vegetables can be good for your body specifically. High fiber food options can reduce appetite and control high blood sugar levels.

Mini Meals

Structure your diet to eat three or more small meals a day. It’s healthier than two or three big meals. Having a big meal can cause your blood sugar levels to surge upwards fast. Eating a few smaller meals and more frequently can help glucose levels lower naturally.

Eat More Unsaturated Fats

Look out for foods that can provide you with unsaturated fats, as they are usually the healthiest for you to eat. They come mainly from fish and plant sources like nuts, olive oils, and avocados. Cash sided getting more omega-3 fatty acids as well. They can fight the inflammation that may develop and even help support the brain and heart. Foods like salmon, flaxseeds, and tuna are filled with great omega-3’s.

Brisk Walking

It’s easy to feel like you can’t hit the gym or do any extremely difficult workouts and think that you can’t further improve your health. If you start bricking walking daily, you build up your endurance levels and slowly begin to control your blood sugar levels naturally. Spend ten minutes every single day brisk walking to get the full effect, and add more minutes after about a week.

Getting support specifically for your diabetic weight loss goals is always smart so they can personalize the workout. Joining a weight loss camp or finding an instructor who understands your specific body type and limitations can help you lose weight as naturally as possible.

One Fitness Camp4 Weight Loss Tips for People with Diabetes
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Five Fun Ways You Can Boost Your Energy This Winter

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fat-camp-150x150If you’re anything like me, when winter hits, you don’t want to do anything after work. There never seems to be enough hours to get things done. You’re burning the midnight oil. Stress, lack of sunlight, poor sleep and heavy calorie food take their toll. So you find yourself dragging. You wake up slow and groggy. You struggle to stay alert. How do you make it through the day without constantly reaching for extra caffeine and sugar? Try boosting your energy levels with these quick and easy tips. They’re fun. Give them a try!

1. Laugh! Find a funny video or joke that always makes you laugh and keep it accessible. Close your office door or find a bathroom or an empty stairwell and laugh – even if you don’t feel like it. If you don’t have anything funny, fake a laugh. It works.
2. Dark Chocolate! Yum! A square of dark chocolate boosts your energy and mood. As an added bonus, it also helps protect your heart!
3. Smell some peppermint! Dab some peppermint essential oil on your wrists, or simply sniff the vial. If you aren’t able to carry it with you – try keeping some peppermint breath mints around. Smell it before you eat it.
4. Take a brisk walk! Or run in place for a minute. Or …well, you get the idea. Get your blood pumping and suck in some extra oxygen.
5. Time yourself! Set a timer for a specific amount of time for your next task. Now race to beat the timer! Do this for your next few tasks. Your blood will be pumping and you’ll find yourself more alert.

Of course, these are short term solutions and don’t truly address the underlying issues. You can try working on them on your own at home. Or you can work on them all together at a weight loss camp. But ultimately, unless you fix the problem, you’ll end up using these fun fixes frequently.

One Fitness CampFive Fun Ways You Can Boost Your Energy This Winter
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3 Tricks Every Dieter Should Know to Make Losing Weight Easier

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ofc2Losing weight is difficult for anyone. There are many reasons why it is so difficult to lose weight and keep it off. However, there are several tricks that anyone can try in order to make losing weight easier.

Skim Milk

If you are the type of person that drinks a lot of milk, simply substitute skim milk for regular milk. This can cut out a lot of calories over the long term. Many people like to cook with milk in their recipes. Using skim milk can save several hundred calories per meal. The great thing about this tip is that it does not take away from the taste of the food.

Cut out Sugar

Added sugar is something that is found in a lot of food choices. Many people are addicted to sugar on some level. If that sounds crazy, try going a week without eating any food that contains added sugar. By eliminating this food group, you can start losing weight quickly. Cutting out bread and candy is a great first step to accomplishing this goal. After just a couple of days, you should be able to see some results in terms of your clothes fitting better.

Weight Loss Camp

Having a support group is vital to having success losing weight. One of the most common ways to achieve this is through a weight loss camp. This is when people get together who are struggling to lose weight. This tends to work because it offers a group support environment where people can get together and accomplish a common goal. Even if you cannot attend a weight loss camp, you should find a support group that can help you in your journey.

Losing weight is difficult for anyone to do. Over the long term, weight tends to come back even after it is lost. If you are trying to lose weight, use these three tips to get the extra fat off fast. Having a support group around you can be vital in your long term success.

One Fitness Camp3 Tricks Every Dieter Should Know to Make Losing Weight Easier
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3 Questions To Ponder Before Starting A Diet

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Screenshot-2015-07-07-03.34.50-150x150The big moment has finally arrived and you are fully prepared to start on a new diet. However, perhaps you should stop and ask yourself at least a few questions before you begin on this journey. After all, so many diet plans end up failing. Consider some of the following questions before taking the plunge.

Is This Diet Scientifically Sound?

There are a lot of diet plans out there and a lot of money to be made off of those seeking to lose weight. Unfortunately, there are some who might like to take advantage of people trying to lose weight and sell them on a plan that really doesn’t work. However, the good news is that there are plenty of plans which do work if people are willing to do some research and figure out which ones are good. The best plans are those that have sound scientific backing to them and proven results.

Will This Plan Fit With My Lifestyle?

You can’t exactly stick to a plan that forces you to eat only the foods that are not available in your area. At the same time, you may not be able to stick to a plan that requires hours and hours of cooking preparation time if you are short on time. That being said, there are plans which can certainly fit in with almost any lifestyle if you just look into them ahead of time.

Are There Other Changes I Can Make To My Life?

Finally, don’t forget that diet alone does not work for the vast majority of people. You will require other lifestyle changes to make the difference. This means looking into something like a weight loss camp. Such a camp can help provide you with the support that you need to stick with a plan this time. It also gives you other skills necessary for losing the weight and keeping it off once and for all.

One Fitness Camp3 Questions To Ponder Before Starting A Diet
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4 Simple Ways to Kick the Sugar Cravings

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fat campWe often hear how bad sugar is for us and that we eat way too much of it. The average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar per year, an amount which has been linked to rising obesity rates. These simple tricks can help you curb your sugar cravings and eat a more healthful diet.

1. Don’t Use Artificial Sweeteners

Contrary to what many believe, artificial sweeteners can make you crave sugar more, not less. Studies have shown that they can trigger the brain’s dopamine levels, which results in the body craving the sugar that it is not getting. Stay away from them completely. If you regularly consume diet sodas, try adding some fruit to water to sweeten the water naturally.

2. Eat a High-Protein Breakfast

Eating a breakfast that has 15 to 20 grams of protein will help keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. When blood sugar levels dip, the body will begin to crave sugar to get levels up again.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting the recommended six to eight hours of sleep each night is essential when trying to kick the sugar habit and lose weight. At weight loss camp, dieters learn the importance of sleep in a healthy lifestyle. Without enough sleep, the body decreases the production of the hormone leptin, which makes us feel satisfied after eating, and increases the production of the hormone ghrelin, which triggers hunger sensations in the body.

4. Reward Yourself

If you skip the free doughnuts in the break room, drop a dollar in a jar. When you resist eating a piece of cake at your niece’s birthday, drop another dollar into it. When the jar is filled, take that money and buy a new outfit for your slimmer self, a new pair of shoes or a night out. Rewarding yourself and your hard work can be an incredible motivator when deciding to cut back on sugar.

One Fitness Camp4 Simple Ways to Kick the Sugar Cravings
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Three Reasons Drinking More Water Helps With Weight Loss

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water glassIt might seem like common sense that water is critical to better overall health, but many people look to sweetened beverages like energy drinks to quench their thirst.

Why is plain H2O so important?

Water Reduces Cravings

Although the human body process sugar for energy, it can’t process too much. Instead, it converts excess sugar to fat for storage and later energy creation.

Sadly, your body’s ability to tell that it has enough sugar can fail for different reasons. Sugar can cause hormonal changes that make you crave it more. Additionally, microorganisms that feed on sugar, such as yeast and bacteria, can make you crave more if their colonies have overgrown from past overuse. On the other hand, water reduces hunger pangs and cravings by filling the stomach and flushing out those things that cause cravings.

Water Builds Muscle

Drinking enough water daily helps maintain your body’s fat-burning processes so that you’re left with more muscle and less fat. The human body is also made of a lot of water and muscles are filled with it. If you fail to drink enough water every day, you dehydrate, the amount of water in your muscles drops and muscle wasting takes place.

Water Improves Appearance

Beyond beautiful muscles created through a combination of water consumption, healthy eating and exercise, you can also make your skin healthier by drinking water. Instead of your skin looking dull, dry or papery, it will have more elasticity and a healthy glow. As the water helps balance your hormones and flushes toxins out of your system, you will also be less prone to acne caused by these things. One of the things we emphasize our weight loss camp is the importance of water.

One Fitness CampThree Reasons Drinking More Water Helps With Weight Loss
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The 3 Main Elements Of Fitness

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892400_597011653642654_1981836184_oThrough these crucial fitness elements, you will meet your weight loss goals. If you’re just beginning to take the concept of exercise seriously, the first thing you’re going to want to do is define the main elements of fitness. This may sound a little strange, but fitness is actually a very straightforward concept. What this essentially means is that regardless of who you are, and no matter what you want to accomplish with through exercise, fitness can be broken down into three components.

These components are the following:

• Cardio.
• Strength.
• Stretching.

If you’re going to take exercise seriously, whether at weight loss camp or elsewhere, then you need to create a routine that incorporates all three of these things. There are a variety of ways in which you can accomplish this, but you will want to begin by understanding each of these three elements. You are definitely going to want to learn more about the triad known as cardio, strength, and stretching:

Any rhythmic activity that you can perform on a continuous basis qualifies as cardio. To that end, there are quite a few different activities you can try. You can walk, run, engage in aerobics, take a swim, ride a bike, or even sign up for a dance class. Cardio does wonders towards making your heart and lungs stronger. At the same time, cardio also improves your endurance and cuts down the calories.

With strength training, you’re going to work parts of your body that wouldn’t get much out of a pure cardio workout. As you can probably imagine, strength training of any kind is going to involve lifting weights. This list can include dumbbells, machines, or resistance bands. The great thing about strength training is that it does a great job of building necessary lean muscle. Strength training also improves muscle, bone, and connective tissues.

The thing about stretching is that a lot of people take it for granted. However, stretching is absolutely essential to maintaining flexibility, while minimizing the potential for injury while doing cardio or strength training. Stretching can be done before exercise, but it should definitely be done after you exercise. Remember as well that the main thing with stretching to understand is that it is supposed to be low-impact and more relaxing than both cardio and strength training.

Natasha SchoultzThe 3 Main Elements Of Fitness
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The Best Fitness Mentality

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morning-exercise-3Make the most of your weight loss experience. If you feel as though you are just not hitting your exercise goals, what would you say is the biggest reason for that? Certainly, you believe that you are doing everything you think you should be doing.

But are you really?

In the end, the only thing that is really holding you back from truly achieving your fitness goals, to the point of being able to move up to the next fitness plateau, is your own mentality about fitness. You can have the best diet and exercise plan in the world. Unfortunately, if you are not taking seriously the value of positivity, acknowledgement, and planning, you are only going to go but so far.

The main thing to remember at all times is that you can achieve your fitness goals while working toward them. You simply have to appreciate the following:

Positivity: It’s one thing to say that you can do something. It is another thing entirely when you actually believe that you can do something. Positivity is crucial to making the fitness goals that you have set for yourself. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to believe that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself that. Don’t be afraid to believe that you really are capable of just about anything.

Acknowledgement: When you accomplish something, you should acknowledge it. When you need support from a friend or family member, you should acknowledge that, too. And when you need to make changes to your current diet/exercise particulars or overall goals, you should certainly acknowledge that, as well. In other words, acknowledgement as you work towards your ideals is something that can help you to maintain the best mindset possible about fitness.

Planning: With planning, it’s not a question of making plans that are related to fitness. What you ultimately need to do is create plans that are measurable. Realistic, detail-orientated planning will go a long way towards helping you to not only understand what you want to do, but to put things at a point of being able to see the end result of what you hope to achieve.

These are the things that can help you to create a working, meaningful mentality, especially while at a weight loss camp. This is the kind of mentality that you can build your entire exercise strategy around.

Natasha SchoultzThe Best Fitness Mentality
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Should I Run A 5K?

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sport man starting runningOne thing you’re going to take away from a healthy regimen, like attending a weight loss camp, is the idea that you are capable of anything.

While you can certainly run a 5K on your own, there is something to be said for signing up for one that is going on in your area. Simply go online, and find out where the closest one to you can be found.

However, if you haven’t done that yet, you may be wondering if you should even run a 5K in the first place. As you’re going to discover, you most certainly should, and there a number of reasons as to why this is the case.

Benefits Of Running A 5K
Should you run a 5K, even if you have limited-to-zero running experience? Absolutely, and there are several reasons as to why this is the case:

• It’s the easiest established run there is: If you are new to the world of marathon running, a marathon or half-marathon is not a realistic venture. Something you will learn quickly is to set manageable goals. With the 5K, you’re not only taking on a run that is fairly easy for most beginners, but the training is quite simple. You can easily train or a 5K in your spare time, and you don’t need to spend months on it.
• The race itself is a relative breeze: You’re talking about a race that you can tackle in less than a couple of hours. You simply show up, get in some warmups and basic stretching, run the race, and then give yourself some time to cool down afterwards. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.
• This race is great for your self-esteem: If you are indeed new to the world of running, a 5K is an excellent way to build up your confidence. It is a benchmark that you can reach with minimal prep, and it will give you the encouragement you mean to not only continue running, but to also set additional running goals for the future.
• You are enjoying a community of fellow runners: When you’re running a 5K, you’re taking advantage of the adrenaline rush that is inherent in running with others who have goals similar to yours. Running is a solitary endeavor in the end, but there is something to be said for some company along the way.

Are you starting to see why a 5K is most certainly something you should consider?

Natasha SchoultzShould I Run A 5K?
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Healthiest Beverages To Enjoy (Besides Plain Water)

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water glassYou always want to stay hydrated. However, plain water can get pretty boring pretty quickly, and you shouldn’t have to drink it every time you’re thirsty. Believe it or not, there are healthy, delicious beverages out there.

If you want to know about the healthiest beverages to enjoy besides plain water, you’re going to love the fact that there are tons and tons of great options out there. Here are five that come loaded with health benefits, but also come with the guarantee that they are going to be absolutely delicious:

• Pomegranate juice: Looking for a yummy fruit-based beverage that comes loaded with essential antioxidants? Then you’re definitely going to love what you stand to gain with pomegranate juice. This beverage can help with cancer, inflammation, and even heart disease.

• Low-fat milk: Both low-fat milk and skim milk offer all the benefits we know are associated with drinking milk. They just have the added benefit of being the healthiest milk options available to you. Change out your whole milk for skim or low-fat, and you’re going to make a significant, positive change to your diet at once.

• Green tea: Whether you’re enjoying it chilled, or if you prefer to take your green tea hot, the health benefits of green tea are ancient and well-known. This is a great substitute for your late-afternoon coffee, as it gives you a caffeine boost that won’t punish you later on with a severe crash. And let’s not forget that every step of the way, you’re taking advantage of the considerable range of antioxidants that you get with green tea.

• Orange juice: If you have the time, or if you just have a really great juicer, a glass of orange juice is a breakfast staple for a reason. The vitamin C qualities of OJ alone makes it an essential beverage. In order to enjoy your cup of orange juice to the fullest, make sure the juice comes from oranges you squeezed yourself.

• Kale juice: Start your day on the best foot possible. While kale juice may take a little getting used to, you certainly can’t deny the legitimate reasons as to why kale is so incredibly popular. It tastes great, and it comes with a ton of vitamins and essential minerals.

These are just a few beverages to try while working to lose weight.

Natasha SchoultzHealthiest Beverages To Enjoy (Besides Plain Water)
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