Three Diet Plan Red Flags You Can’t Ignore

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When dieting, it is essential to plan your dieting methods carefully in order to ensure that you hit your goal weight in the healthiest way possible. One of the best ways to be educated about effective dieting methods that are tailored to your personal needs is to attend a weight loss camp bootcamp for adults. By doing this, you will learn many different strategies that will help you achieve your goal weight. Consider these three diet plan red flags that should not be ignored:

1. There Are No Cheat Days: This is an important one because if one cannot have what they are craving, then they are going to end up breaking their diet and binge eating what they were trying to avoid. This is one of the largest red flags for a diet plan.

2. Too Much Exercise: Believe it or not, there is such thing as too much exercise. For this reason, it is recommended to work out four or five days per week. The reality is that your body does need rest and that rest that your body gets will make you have more effective results on your weight loss plan.

3. Too Many Carbs: Many diets state that having carbs in your diet is helpful to losing weight. In fact, this could not be farther from the truth. Thus, watch out very carefully for diets that are prescribing too many carbs at once. If this is the case, then you should be very concerned about whether the diet is going to achieve the results that you desire.

It is important to remember that weight loss plans need to be tailored to your individual body chemistry. If your weight loss plan fails to do this, then you are going to have major issues later on. Thus, remember to make an accurate assessment about your goals and you should have no problem reaching your goal weight.

One Fitness CampThree Diet Plan Red Flags You Can’t Ignore
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Four Tips to Get Back in Shape For Summer

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Given that summer is one of the warmest times of the year, it is important to remember that one must keep hydrated. That being said, if you are unable to attend a weight loss camp for adults, do not fret, there are other ways to learn how to keep hydrated while still maintaining your diet. Consider these four beverage tips that will help you get back into shape for summer:

1. Be Careful With Your Coffee Consumption. Granted, many types of coffee are quite good for your body; however, the coffee candy that has infiltrated the market at places like Starbucks are not good for your weight loss. In fact, some of them are a meal in themselves. Thus, I like to stick to a black iced coffee, espresso or cappuccino rule. This way, you are limiting the sugar intake to potentially one packet of sugar.

2. When Adding Sugar Use Portions. Some beverages such as tea and coffee do require sugar to be added. What is important is to use the paper packs of sugar rather than a dispenser. This will help you to make sure that you are not consuming too great a portion of sugar in your diet.

3. Avoid Regular Sodas. If you drink a full can of Coca-Cola, then you are going to have many calories in your diet. If you are craving a Coca-Cola, consider getting one of their half sized cans that they are offering now. This will cut your calories consumed in half and still give you that fix that you are craving.

4. Check the Calorie Labels. Many juices, sodas, and iced teas have more calories than a small snack. Do not assume because it is a liquid that it is healthy for you, because that is not the case.

Be conscious of what you are drinking as you go into summer and you will be amazed at the difference you see in your waistline.

One Fitness CampFour Tips to Get Back in Shape For Summer
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Three Healthy Eating Tips for Summer

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Losing weight has never been easier given that the weather is warming up and there is a great deal of motivation in the air to lose those pounds. One of the keys to losing weight is to eat well in addition to your exercise. Attending a weight loss camp for adults is a great way to learn more about how to eat right this summer. In the event that you are unable to attend one of these camps, it is highly recommended to follow these three healthy eating tips this summer:

1. Make Dinner an Event. Even if you are losing weight, you should celebrate every meal regardless of whether it is healthy. This will psychologically make you look forward to the healthy food that you are eating and consequently, make you lose more weight.

2. Enjoy Light Salads. Since the weather is warmer, it is wise to enjoy light salads at the end of your long day. You can even enjoy this on your balcony, which makes it something to look forward to everyday.

3. Enjoy Iced Tea. Iced Tea that is unsweetened is something that can be enjoyed at any hour of the day because it has very few calories. Additionally, Iced Tea is something that is refreshing on a hot day that is a great alternative to a soda.

Losing weight this summer can be quite simple if you allow yourself to enjoy healthy foods and to make eating a true event. Once you do this and eat in the right way, you will quickly see a great difference in your physique. Summer is one of the most rewarding times to start new projects, thus, it is highly recommended to commence your prospective weight loss plan this summer. You surely will not regret your decision as you fit into those jeans that are a size smaller!

One Fitness CampThree Healthy Eating Tips for Summer
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Five Benefits of Coffee

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A common misconception is that coffee is bad for your body. In fact, this statement could not be further from the truth! While coffee has many medicinal values, it has a huge effect on weight loss, which is an enormous benefit. Thus, if you do not have time to attend a weight loss camp, then you should consider the benefits that coffee can offer to your weight loss regiment. Consider these five benefits of coffee to your weight loss plan:

1) Coffee Has Been Proven to Help You Burn Fat. Studies have linked coffee to speeding up the metabolic rate from 3 – 11%. By increasing the metabolic rate, your waistline will surely reduce in size.

2) Coffee Can Increase Your Workout Performance. Coffee possesses caffeine, which is known for increasing adrenaline. When you adrenaline increases, your body will lose weight.

3) There Are Essential Nutrients in Coffee. Coffee is excellent for your body overall. Additionally, coffee contains several nutrients such as: Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, and Niacin that are periodically linked to weight loss.

4) Coffee Could Lower Your Risk for Type II Diabetes. Given that coffee has many weight loss benefits, it is no doubt that it also protects from Type II Diabetes as well. This is an important consideration when trying to contemplate whether you should consume coffee or not.

5) Coffee Has Been Proven to Lower Depression. This is an important aspect of coffee pertaining to weight loss because when people are depressed they are withdrawn and do not want to go to the gym. What is important to note is the link between those who exercise and depression here. If people drink coffee, they are more open to being active and light hearted, which also furthers their weight loss.

It is easy to see that coffee is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet and so, drink up!

One Fitness CampFive Benefits of Coffee
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Two Delicious Healthy Recipes to Pack for Lunch

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One of the benefits of attending a weight loss camp is learning how to pack and prepare healthy foods for your lunch when you are rushing in your everyday life. Studies have shown that many people fall off the weight loss wagon when they do not have time to properly exercise and consume healthy foods in their normal routine. Thus, here are some beneficial recipes that could greatly benefit your daily lunch and waistline.

1) Hummus. Every time I have left the United States and eaten hummus, I have lost weight while consuming something delicious. What is great about hummus is that now many companies are integrating hummus into healthy quick-to-purchase snack options. This has become quite popular in the lunch-to-go and snack market overall. Additionally, it is best combined in your lunch with whole wheat pita slices that they are now offering in sizes that are smaller portions. This is a great little treat to bring with you to work when you are starving for lunch or are in desperate need of a healthy afternoon snack.

2) Salad That Doesn’t Have Salad Dressing. While this seems like an oxymoron, I can assure you that many salad dressings are so unhealthy that they actually defeat the purpose of eating the vegetables themselves. Take the European and South American model and utilize balsamic vinegar, red vinegar, and olive oil to put on top of your greens for lunch. The calorie reduction will astound you and honestly, it will actually taste far better. With this reduction in calories, you can splurge on better vegetables including the occasional Spanish olive to spice up your salad.

What is important to remember is that even if you are on the go, you can still have a healthy lunch. By preparing recipes such as these, you will feel healthier overall and have much more energy to face the challenges in your day.

One Fitness CampTwo Delicious Healthy Recipes to Pack for Lunch
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Three Basic Mistakes That Every New Dieter Makes

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When commencing a diet plan, it is important to remember that you are making many life altering changes. This is why so many new dieters have issues with finding a plan and sticking to it. If you are considering attending a weight loss camp, the programming could be very insightful to you on what mistakes to avoid. Here are three basic mistakes that every new dieter makes:

1) Too Drastic Too Soon. This is surely the most common mistake that is made by dieters. The reason for this is that dieters tend to try to do something drastic in order to encourage quick results. This is a poor choice because the best weight loss results and slow and steady. By rushing things, you will likely lose the weight and then gain it back quickly.

2) Eliminate Water. There are a lot of myths surrounding water. Water helps you lose weight! Not the opposite! Thus, the more water that you drink, the better service that you are doing for your body. Additionally, you will feel much better on a daily basis. Thus, it is best to forget those myths about water weight and to drink up!

3) Do Not Eat Late at Night. A key provision for dietary success is to ideally not eat anything after ten in the evening. Many new dieters do not know this and it greatly affects their progress.

Starting a new diet takes a great deal of effort and discipline. It is important to remember that if you are able to implement a successful plan without avoiding all of the usual pitfalls, that you will see great results. The key to great results is patience. If you exercise patience, you will lose a great deal of weight and be able to successfully keep it off.

One Fitness CampThree Basic Mistakes That Every New Dieter Makes
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Three Healthier Ways to Start Your Day

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When you have a busy schedule it is quite difficult to find healthy ways to start your day. If you are not able to attend a weight loss camp or fitness resort, do not fret! There are absolutely other options for you to pursue that will help you find the most healthy way to start your day. Consider these three ways to start your day on a healthier note:

1) Eat Breakfast. Surprisingly, many people do not eat breakfast. In fact, this is one the worst things that you can do to your body. Eating breakfast allows you to jumpstart your routine successfully. It allows your metabolism to start running and to wake up your mind so that you can do your best at your job. Be sure to not forget breakfast, they call it the most important meal of the day for a reason!

2) Go to the Gym. Even if you have a demanding job, even working out for 30 minutes can be a great benefit to you. What it provides to you is mental clarity. Mental clarity is a major asset to you in that it will allow you to do a better job at all of your daily activities.

3) Meditate for 10 Minutes. Even if you are in a rush, take a moment to meditate. Meditating is one of the most helpful ways that you are able to destress, recharge, and allow your mind to rest. By meditating, even for a small amount of time, you are doing your mind a great service and will be amazed at how your productivity increases throughout your day.

It is important to have an established morning routine that is targeted at your own individual wellness. This will serve you well in your day and will make a great difference in your work product. The results that you will experience from simply modifying your morning routine, will be quite sensational!

One Fitness CampThree Healthier Ways to Start Your Day
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3 Easy Diet Refreshers for 2016

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fat camp adultsThe holidays are murder on just about any diet. Between alcohol, cream-based soups, carb-filled dinners, and rich desserts, it can be nearly impossible to stick to a healthy eating plan during family dinners and parties. Fortunately, there’s some good news– it’s pretty easy to refresh your diet and continue seeing results even after a little overindulgence.

Get rid of leftovers.

It’s a small step, but ditching leftovers can make a big impact. You won’t be tempted to eat them, so you can recommit to your diet without hearing the siren song of leftover casseroles or cakes. Get rid of the leftover food in your fridge, re-stock foods that are part of your diet, and you’ll be good to go for the new year.

Consider a weight loss retreat.

If you have a little time to get away from it all, now might be a good time to consider booking a stay at a weight loss camp. It’s likely to be less crowded than during the run up to “swimsuit season,” and it can be a relaxing, immersive way to refresh your diet, get advice from professionals, and commit fully to a healthier lifestyle.

Load up on leafy greens.

Green vegetables are everything most holiday foods aren’t. Unlike carb-laden dishes, they’re loaded with fiber. Unlike alcohol, they can help hydrate you due to their high water and electrolyte content. Consider replacing the side dishes of your lunches and dinners with salads or sauteed greens for a few days after the holidays– you’ll feel full, reduce alcohol bloat, get a colon cleanse, and refresh your diet all in one.

Bonding over delicious food is a big part of holiday get-togethers, and there’s no need to deprive yourself. It’s also impossible to “break” a diet– even if you overindulge, you can get back on track. With these three tips, you’ll be back to feeling good, looking great, and making healthy lifestyle choices in no time.

One Fitness Camp3 Easy Diet Refreshers for 2016
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Three Foods That Boost Energy

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foods that lower stressAll one has to do is look around to notice how many people are drinking unhealthy energy drinks to get enough pep to get them through the day. Everyone has times when they need a boost of energy to accomplish everything on their to-do list and that needed energy can be had naturally by eating certain foods. The best thing about eating foods that boost energy is that over time, your energy level and stamina will increase without any harmful side effects. Add these foods to your daily diet and get ready to accomplish more each day.

High Fiber Foods

Any food that is high in fiber will digest slowly and provide your body with a steady supply of ready energy. Whole grain cereals and breads, nuts, beans, apples, raisins, oranges, broccoli, carrots, kale, potatoes, corn and tomatoes are just a few high fiber foods that will boost energy.

Decaffeinated Beverages

This will be the opposite of what most people consider to be an instant shot of energy. Starting the day out with 1-2 cups of caffeine-rich coffee will wake you up and amp up the energy level. However, if you continue to drink caffeine beverages throughout the day the caffeine will drain your energy. Get your needed caffeine first thing in the morning, then switch over to a decaffeinated beverage for the remainder of the day.


One of the first things you will be instructed to do at a weight loss camp is to increase the amount of water you drink. Dehydration drains the body of energy and inhibits the ability to concentrate, so by increasing your water intake and staying well hydrated, you will feel more energetic. The increased amount of water (8-10 glass per day) will also help keep you feeling full so you’ll be less likely to reach for sugary snack that will cause you to have a quick energy spike, but is always followed by a sudden drop in energy.

One Fitness CampThree Foods That Boost Energy
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Three Ways To Discover The Best Diet for You

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weigh_scale-150x150Experts have confirmed what many of us have discovered for ourselves through years of trying to keep our bodies at a healthy weight. It’s now understood that one diet doesn’t work for everyone. That’s good to know, but it leaves many of us in a quandary. How can we know what diet will work best for our particular body shape and lifestyle?

Quality Counts

The common wisdom for losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. Counting calories is the handmaiden to this advice. Many of us have found that we don’t lose those excess pounds no matter how much we restrict our caloric intake or increase the number we burn off. That’s because the quality of the food we eat, rather than the amount, is key. Our bodies process calories from a handful of nuts far differently than they process a cinnamon roll. Improve the quality of what you consume and you’ll improve the way your body functions.

It’s About Location

Our basic body shape is determined by where our excess fat resides. So-called apple shapes carry fat around their stomachs. Pear shapes carry their extra weight around their hips. Apples and pears need different diets to melt away fat. Eat for your body shape, and you’ll eliminate a big part of the struggle to lose weight.

Listen to Your Body

Our bodies send continual signals to us about what they need or don’t need. It takes practice and patience, but you can learn to hear those messages. You may discover that you might be eating to fill emotional needs rather than physical needs. A food journal can help you make this distinction. You may need nutritional counseling or help from a facility such as a live-in weight loss camp. When you heed what your body wants in the way of food and when it wants it, losing weight will occur naturally.

One Fitness CampThree Ways To Discover The Best Diet for You
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