The Causes and Consequences of Adult Obesity

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Adult Obesity

People who are overweight have excessive or abnormal fat accumulation that often impairs their health. The Body Mass Index (BMI) determines if a person is overweight or obese. The formula for determining whether a person is overweight or obese is kg/m². This formula is calculated by a person’s weight in kilograms divided by their height in meters squared. People are overweight when their BMI is 25 or more. A person is obese when their BMI is 30 or more. A BMI of 24 or less is considered healthy.

Overweight VS Obesity

Being overweight and being obese are two different things, although they are similar in many ways. Both overweight and obese imply a person has more weight than the set standard of being healthy. Overweight means a person has more weight than deemed healthy for the person’s age and build. Obesity means a person has excess body fat that equals or exceeds a BMI of 30 or more.

Risk Factors

Obesity and being overweight have different risk factors. Obesity has risk factors that include coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension. Being overweight puts you at risk for high blood pressure and depression.

Treatments and Remedies for Being Obese or Overweight

The treatments and remedies for being obese or overweight vary. Being obese is a more serious condition than being overweight. Treatments for obesity include reducing calorie intake and exercising. In extreme instances of obesity, surgery is a prime option for treatment. Being overweight requires you to reduce your calorie intake and exercise. Over 1 billion people in the US are overweight while 300 million people in the US are obese.

Why Do People Gain Weight?

Understanding adult obesity requires you to understand how and why people gain weight. Many people gain weight because balancing consumed calories and the calories you burn is difficult. Weight gain occurs when people eat more calories than they burn, and for some, it’s a cycle that will never end.

What Factors Contribute to Weight Gain?

There are many different factors that contribute to weight gain. Some of these factors contribute to adult obesity and cause different health problems.


Research confirms genes and family play a major role in being obese or overweight. Many things are taught or passed down, such as tradition, lifestyle, and diet habits. Although obesity may be common in someone’s family, it is not impossible for them to stop the cycle and manage their weight.

The Environment

With technology advancing as it is today, there are a lot of things that are obsolete. Where people work, socialize, and live play a part in the habits people adopt. 50 years ago, the obesity rates were lower because of how people lived. Today, a lot of people would much rather drive to a destination than walk. Some people are less active today due to safety issues, such as having sidewalks to walk safely to and from a place or a neighborhood or location where people feel safe to exercise. There are more takeout and fast food restaurant options than ever before, and these foods are contributing more calories to a person’s body than cooking at home. It’s rare, if any, vending machines have low-calorie or low-fat snacks for purchase, so people eat junk food on their lunch break or for breakfast because there are no other options.


Every culture is different, and some cultures eat foods that contain a lot of sugars and fats than other cultures. Constantly consuming foods that have high amounts of sugar and fat make it almost impossible to lose weight. Many cultures have family events and gatherings that feature a variety of foods that are not properly portioned when plated, which makes it difficult to control weight.


Research studies suggest sleep is linked with obesity and being overweight. Lack of sleep makes losing weight difficult. Being awake longer means eating more, and most of the time, the food choices are unhealthy.


Some prescribed medications and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs cause weight gain. In some instances, a person taking more than one medication can gain weight due to combining effects of the medications. Medications prescribed for depression and a variety of other mental health conditions often cause weight gain.

Body Shape Matters

Doctors concern themselves with many factors when it comes to weight gain, including how much weight is gained and where weight is gained. It is common for women to gain weight around the hips and buttocks. After menopause, women often gain weight around their stomach. Men often gain weight around their stomach as they age. Men and women who accumulate excess fat around the midsection are more prone to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and a variety of other health conditions than people who do have excess weight around their midsection.

Effects of Adult Obesity

There is more than one effect of being obese or overweight, such as emotional and social stress. In society, appearance is highly valued. Someone who does not fit into society’s ideal of beauty will experience struggles trying to fit in. Many people will view them as unattractive due to their weight. Being overweight or obese can cause people to have limited job options, and experience social shunning.

How to Prevent Being Obese

There are steps that can be taken to prevent adult obesity and being overweight. Exercising is a popular method of weight loss. People who decide to exercise to lose weight should plan to do so between 150 to 300 minutes each week. Walking and swimming are popular activities that help prevent weight gain.

Eat Healthy

Following a healthy eating plan is another way to lose weight. People do not necessarily have to follow a rigorous or complex diet plan to successfully lose weight. Eating more fruits and vegetables than fast food can help prevent weight gain. Alcohol consumption should be limited, and sweet, fatty foods should be avoided as much as possible.

Monitoring Weight

Monitoring weight regularly is another great way to prevent unwanted weight gain. A person should check their weight every week to ensure they are maintaining a healthy weight.

Be Consistent

Being as consistent as possible is a good practice to follow to ensure successful weight loss or maintain a healthy weight is achieved. Being consistent is one of the most challenging parts of losing weight, and some days will be better than others.

Let’s Prevent Obesity Together

One Fitness Camp is here to help! Let’s prevent obesity together by spreading the word and informing everyone we know about making choices. Contact us today to see how you can be a part of the action!

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3 Reasons Obesity is a Growing Problem in the U.S.

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weigh_scale-150x150Today, one third of all adult Americans are obese. Children have become noticeably heavier as well. This serious problem continues to grow at a rapid pace. In order for individuals to take control over their weight and turn the scales around, it is imperative to understand why obesity has become such a common problem in today’s society.

1. Dining Out

Currently, the majority of U.S. families go out to eat for fast food at least once or twice a week at minimum. Why is this? Because it is easy. The problem with this is that these fast food establishments dole out meals that are exuberantly high in calories, fat, cholesterol, and more. To be exact, fast food meals are approximately four times larger than they were in the 1950s. This is thanks to quick and easy value meals that can easily be upgraded to larger sizes for mere pennies, and cokes that are dispensed in mammoth-sized cups. An individual can consume a thousand calories or more in a matter of minutes when they opt for take-out, without even realizing it.

2. Less Active Lifestyles

Over the last several decades, our society has morphed into one that spends a great deal of time sitting behind a desk or television. For a majority of Americans, regular exercise, even in minimal amounts, is not a part of their daily routine. Many people spend hours sitting at a desk at work, only to come home and spend the rest of their night on the couch. Exercise is the key to this problem, and the only way to counter-balance all the hours spent sitting behind a screen.

3. Availability

In previous decades, food was typically found in just a few places–at home, in the grocery store, or at a sit-down restaurant. Today, food is readily available everywhere you turn, including places like gas stations, waiting rooms, and even hospital gift shops. The problem with this is that food is too easily obtained, making it much easier to overeat or binge on unhealthy junk food. An effort must be made to end this mindless eating if any progress is to be made.

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5 Interesting Facts About Adult Obesity

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weigh_scale-150x150Health experts have done significant work on the causes of obesity and have come up with some interesting results. Although the amount of food people consume has the greatest bearing on their weight, some interesting facts show that other factors also play a part:

1 – Hormone Imbalances Can Contribute to Obesity

Certain hormone problems can be a factor in obesity. Underactive thyroid can cause the body’s metabolism to slow down. Cushing’s disease, a problem of the adrenal glands, can also cause weight gain. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, in which cysts on the ovaries cause high levels of androgen in the body, can also cause increased body weight.

2 – Environmental Conditions Can Prevent Weight Loss

Simple factors in your environment may be helping you to gain weight and can make it more difficult to lose it. Lack of sidewalks in your neighborhood, the absence of green spaces that allow physical activity and lack of time for exercise can be helping to keep the extra weight.

3 – Some Medications Can Contribute to Weight Gain

Research is finding that the medications you take may be at fault. Corticosteroids, anti-seizure medications and antidepressants can have the effect of keeping on those pounds. A change of medication may help you achieve better success in your weight loss attempts.

4 – Group Support Can Be Critical for Successful Weight Loss

The emotional support of others can be a significant factor in the success of a weight loss plan. A live-in weight loss camp can also provide compassionate support in an environment designed to focus on weight and well being.

5 – If You Want To Lose Weight, Get More Sleep

Adults who are chronically sleep deficient tend to be in the higher weight ranges. This result occurs because adequate sleep maintains healthy hormone levels that contribute to a normal metabolism. If you want your body to burn calories well, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Weight loss requires an understanding and commitment to all aspects of health. These facts can help people understand the factors that contribute to weight problems and how they can be used to achieve success.

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4 Interesting Facts about Adult Obesity

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weight loss fat camp scaleObesity is a global epidemic and is ranked fifth in the list of risks associated with global deaths. Each year, up to 2.8 million adults pass away because of being obese. In the past, obesity was linked to high-income regions, but today it is also prevalent in middle and low-income countries. Here are four interesting facts about adult obesity.

Obesity is Common, Serious and Costly

According to global estimates compiled by the World Health Organization in 2014, 13 percent of the global adult population suffered from obesity and more than one-third, 34.9 percent or 76 million, of adults in the United States are obese. In 2013 alone, the estimated annual cost of obesity in U.S was approximately 254 billion dollars.

BMI is a Good First Step in Diagnosing Obesity

Body mass index, also known as BMI, is used to determine whether an adult is obese or not. BMI is derived by dividing your weight, expressed in kilograms, by the square of your height, expressed in meters. You are considered obese when your BMI is greater or equivalent to 30.

Obesity is Associated with Depression

Poor mental health and obesity are incompatible. Poor mental health can lead to obesity and vice versa. A depressed person may overeat to suppress their feelings, and an obese person may have a problem with their body image, resulting in depression. Enrolling in a weight loss camp has proven effective at motivating depressed and obese individuals to turn their lives around.

Fat Does Not Necessarily Induce Obesity

Some people believe that people become obese by eating excess fat. This may be true for some, but not for all those with obesity. Excess calories cause you to become obese, and you can become obese from overconsumption of protein and carbohydrates. Therefore, reducing your fat intake is a starting point in shedding excess weight, but you also need to reduce your protein and carbohydrate intake.

Infertility in Women and Men

Apart from cancer and heart disease, obesity has also been linked to infertility. Obese women have high hormone levels, and this can cause ovarian failure. The body has to have the correct amount of hormones to regulate menstruation and ovulation. Obese men are also susceptible to infertility, and studies have shown that obese men suffer from low sperm count and motility.

Obesity has become a huge risk to adults today than it was in the past. An increase of foods that are high in fat and jobs that require less activity are some of the reasons obesity has increased over the years. However, eating the right foods and engaging in an effective exercise program are some of the recommended measures for combating weight disorders in adults.

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Five Causes of Obesity Among College Students

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weight loss fat camp scalePlenty of people, young and old alike, talk about the “freshman fifteen” – for those unfamiliar, this phrase describes a phenomenon when some college students go off to school and, due to various lifestyle changes, gain around 15 pounds. This doesn’t happen to everybody, but if it’s happened to you or someone you know, understanding common causes can help you troubleshoot the problem and start feeling better. Though not an exhaustive list, the following causes commonly can cause weight gain in college:

1. Unlimited Dining

The college dining experience is frequently highlighted at orientation and parents’ weekends, and for good reason – a dining hall that makes an impression is more likely to convince more students to matriculate. However, when you can eat as much as you want of virtually any kind of food, it’s easy to gain weight. Dining halls generally have healthier options, but even vegetables are often cooked in oil and/or butter. Paying attention to both food type and how it is prepared can help.

2. Alcohol Consumption

Many students drink excessively from time to time, and the higher caloric composition of alcohol can make weight gain easy. Sugary mixers are a major culprit, and the high carbohydrate content of many beers can be problematic as well. Finding low-calorie mixers for plain hard liquors (which generally do not contain carbohydrates) and drinking light beer instead of regular can help.

3. Exercise Changes

Colleges have ample opportunities for exercise, but the abrupt change can be enough to make some students stop exercising altogether. Understandably, this can cause weight gain.

4. Lack of Sleep

Plenty of studies have been conducted and have proven that lack of sleep can increase weight gain. When you aren’t well-rested, you often tend to crave food to provide your body with the energy it needs.

5. Stress

Chronic stress – something many college students face – can lead to weight gain. This is because when a stress hormone called cortisol is elevated for an extended period of time, the body works to accumulate fat reserves.

For those who want to curb weight gain and lose the freshman 15, making lifestyle changes often helps. Attending weight loss camp is often effective, too, as participants don’t have opportunities to “cheat” and can make lasting friendships while becoming healthier.

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7 Interesting Facts about Adult Obesity

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weight loss fat camp scaleObesity is a growing problem for both adults and children in America. 1 in 5 American adults today are overweight; this is one of the most challenges that is affecting health sector in the twenty first century. The adults in America are commonly affected by obesity due to behavioral and environmental factors. The following are common facts about obesity.

Obesity is caused by lack of exercise

Most adults do not participate in any physical activities; they love to spend their time doing stationed activities. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults should at least do simple exercise such as talking a walk for about an hour every day. This helps to burn calories.

Unnecessary Snacking

The tendency in eating have changed, most adults nowadays eat at least three snacks in a day. Eating unhealthy beverages and snack foods leads to weight gain and results to obesity.

Heart Disease and Stroke

About seventy percent of adults suffering from obesity have a risk factor to the cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused by an increase of cholesterols in the body. Cholesterol normally blocks arteries and veins preventing smooth flow of blood from the heart. High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke; more than75% cases of hypertension are caused by obesity.


About fifteen percent of cancer cases in men and twenty percent of cancer cases in women are caused by obesity. Obesity increases kidney cancer by twenty five percent, colon cancer by eleven percent, uterine cancer by thirty nine percent and, esophageal cancer by thirty seven percent.


One study has found that, obese individuals have smaller gain in CD4 cell count. This is observed after an obese patient has started HIV treatment. The antiretroviral are less effective to obese patient and hence they may not live longer.

Arthritis and Sleep Apnea

Sixty eight percent of individual diagnosed with arthritis are obese. Being overweight causes sleep apnea and arthritis since both bones and lungs are put under increase pressure resulting from too much weight from the body. Obese adults are four times likely to develop arthritis than healthy- weight adults.

Childhood Obesity Link to Asthma

Adults who are obese are likely to be diagnosed with asthma; about fifty two percent of all patient diagnosed with cancer are overweight.

In conclusion, obesity facts tell us troubling ideas and behavioral facts that lead to rise in obesity cases. Minorities are normally at a high risk of being obese since they have unhealthy eating practices.

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The 3 Biggest Reasons Why People Put Weight Back On

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iStock_000016031007Small-150x150Losing weight is the easy part, but keeping it off can be where the problems persist. The only way to have long lasting weight loss results, is to make lifestyle changes. Fad dieting might help you to drop pounds fast, but you will just end up putting them back on over time. If you are willing to do the work, you can see transformative weight loss results that last. Weight loss camp is the best way to learn lifestyle changes that can help you to lose the weight and keep it off. What you learn at weight loss camp allows you to change your diet and exercise habits long-term.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why some people that don’t go to weight loss camp end up putting the weight back on:

1. Avoiding the Scale
It is not a good idea to judge your health and fitness by the scale alone, but you need to be conscious of your weight. Many people choose to avoid the scale once their initial weight loss goal is achieved. However, if you don’t keep tabs on your weight, it is impossible to know how your body is responding to your diet and exercise routine. Avoiding the scale is a major mistake and can often lead to you gaining back the weight you once lost.

2. Overeating
If you simply diet and do not make lifestyle changes, it is almost impossible to keep the weight off. Learning correct portion control is one of the biggest benefits of a weight loss camp. Without this knowledge, you will begin overeating and consuming more than your recommended daily calories. Eating too many calories each day can quickly lead to putting back on weight. You have to change what you eat and how much you eat long term in order to have long lasting results.

3. Skipping the Gym
It is easy to get busy with your everyday life and slack on your fitness. At weight loss camp, you can learn how to add physical activity into your daily routine. If you do not stay physically active, it is almost impossible to keep the weight off. You need to be burning more calories than you consume in order to keep your weight at a constant level.

Keeping the weight off isn’t easy, but avoiding these missteps will make it possible.

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The Benefits of Going to a Weight Loss Camp

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steph_b+aWeight is something that many people of all ages struggle with. Not only can obesity lead to self-esteem and confidence issues, but it can also compromise your health and put you at risk of being diagnosed with a number of adverse health conditions. Individuals that are tired of struggling with their weight and are ready to make big lifestyle changes, might benefit from a weight loss camp. A live-in weight loss camp allows for campers to take a big step in improving their overall health.
If you are tired of struggling with your weight, a weight loss camp could offer many benefits:

Vigorous Exercise Program
One of the most important aspects of weight loss camp is the vigorous exercise program that all campers are exposed to. At this type of camp, fitness and health are the ultimate goal. All individuals will learn the proper exercise techniques and get access to fitness tips that allow for the most transformative results. The types of exercises that will enable campers to burn calories fast and shed weight quickly will be taught. The types of physical fitness that participants partake in vary and allows for wide ranging benefits.

Motivation from Others Just Like You
Working out on your own or at your local gym can lead many to feeling unmotivated and out of place. However, at a weight loss camp, you are surrounded by peers with similar weight goals and similar struggles. It is possible to connect and develop relationships with people that have the same goals and objectives as you. Staying motivated and encouraged is much easier in this type of environment. Having the opportunity to reach your weight loss goals is improved by going to a weight loss camp.

Improved Health
Not only will you be able to shed weight quickly, but you will also be able to improve your overall health for the better. In addition to fitness and exercise, you will also learn how to change your diet and eat less calories each day. Nutritional specialists will help to educate you on what your diet should consist of and how you can make healthier eating choices.

Weight loss camp might seem like a drastic measure to take, but it is one of the most effective ways to lose weight quickly and improve your overall health in the shortest period of time. It is intense, but the results are transformative.

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The Biggest Factors Keeping You From Losing Weight

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Diet conceptYou’re trying to lose weight. It’s not working very well. In fact, you may even be gaining weight. There can be many factors that are keeping you from losing the weight. Today we’re going to talk about those factors. Hopefully after reading this you’ll be well on your way to losing weight and feeling great.

The first factor is quite obvious. You may not be getting enough exercise. It’s easy to do in today’s modern world. You may work in an office or have a job that requires you to sit a lot. Not everyone is out working in the fields all day long. Some people have jobs that require them to sit for long stretches of time.

Eating the right foods can be difficult. Especially for busy people. It’s much easier to hit the fast food restaurants than it is to cook. Your days are filled to the max with stuff to do. Finding time to cook and then clean up can be difficult. Those fast food meals are rarely healthy. Even those sandwich shops can be quite unhealthy. You know the ones that advertise on television. It’s hard to walk out of there with anything but a foot long sub. Then you have to get some chips and don’t forget the drink. That’s how even those so called healthy places make you put on the weight.

You may eat out of depression. Everyone handles depression differently. You may be the type that tries to eat your way through it. It’s a treatable condition that needs to be addressed. There’s nothing to feel guilty about. You’re not the only one that grabs a slice of pizza when you’re feeling upset. It’s a condition that can be treated through therapy and medication. The first step is talking to someone about it. You definitely owe it to yourself to do so.

Then there’s boredom. You may be eating because you’re bored. How many times have you reached for a snack because you needed something to do? Most people don’t think about boredom when it comes to dieting. They instead spend too much time thinking about what they eat. A lot of people eat not because they’re hungry. They simply have nothing else to do. Especially while sitting in front of the television or computer. It’s easy to keep reaching for a snack while binge watching television.

Sometimes the right thing to do is a live-in weight loss camp. You need more than just help losing weight. You need to change your entire life around. You need to do it not just for yourself. But, for your family too. This isn’t just about you. It’s also about all the people that love you. Especially if you have children. You owe it to them to be the best parent that you can. The first step isn’t the easiest step. The good news is that it gets easier. It’s with each and every step that you get closer to your goal. That goal is being both happy and healthy.

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Why Weight Loss Camp is the Key to Success

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kellySo many people battle with their weight every day. They try to eat balanced meals, and they go to the gym on a regular basis. However, that number on the scale just does not seem to budge. Instead of continuing to fight against this uphill battle, people can enroll in a weight loss camp to meet their goals.

Dedicated Time
If you had all of the time in the world to spend on your weight loss goals, then you may very well have a better opportunity to meet them. However, daily live comes in. You may not be able to make it to the gym for a week because you are so busy at work, or you might find yourself invited to a number of social engagements laden with fat-filled foods. When you choose to go to a camp, that is a dedicated period of time where you will focus specifically on your weight loss.

Motivation from Other Individuals
Losing weight is difficult in general; however, when you are surrounded by other individuals who are not embroiled in the same battle, the challenge can grow even more difficult. You might feel tempted by them. Yet when you go to a camp for weight loss, everyone around you is engaged in the same goals. Therefore, you not only lose that intense risk of temptation, but you also constantly have people around you to monitor you.

Safe, Effective and Healthy Plans
Another major issue with losing weight at home is that you may not be consulting with professionals. As a result, you might not be eating the right amount of food even if you think are. Or you could be engaging in exercises that are actually putting too much strain on your body. At the camp, though, you are going to meet with professionals. That means you will devise a plan that actually helps you out and that is safe for your body type. Consulting with a medical professional is so important before starting such a regime. Also, the plan is going to be tailored to your specific weight loss goals. Not everyone has the same needs, and not everyone can meet those needs in the exact same ways.

Going to this type of camp can help you to finally achieve your weight loss goals and to do so in a controlled environment that inspires you to keep up with the program.

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