Best Stretches for a Cool Down

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weight-loss-camp-activities2-150x150Exercise along with diet, is the quickest way to drop the excess weight and get into better shape. Getting motivated and leaning the best workout routines isn’t always easy. Weight loss camp, where you can learn lifestyle changes that can improve your overall health, can be just the push you need to take your health and fitness to new heights. Being obese does not have to be a life sentence. It is possible to drop the extra weight by learning some of the best workout routines at a live-in weight loss camp.

Cool Down Exercises
You might think that you only workout your muscles during your actual workout, but the cool down portion can be just as important. Cool down exercises are designed to help your body make the transition from an intense workout to resting. Cool down exercises allow for the strain on your heart to be reduced, prevention of dizziness and help you to feel your best after an intense workout.
Here are a few of the best cool down exercises that you can learn at a weight loss camp designed to deliver real results:

Walking might not seem like a type of cool down stretch, but it is actually one of the best ways to transition from intense physical activity to resting. Walking can be the ideal way to cool down from your work out high. A cool down that involves walking should not be too intense and should typically just be a leisurely stroll.

Toe Touches
Stretching your legs by doing toe touches can also be a really great cool down stretch. It doesn’t really matter what type of workout you were performing, you can benefit from toe touches and also from pulling your leg behind your body to stretch your hamstring.

Stretch That Chest
Another popular cool down stretch that you can learn at weight loss camp involves stretching out your chest area. All you have to do is to cross your arms across your body. Lacing your fingers behind your back and looking straight up can also be a great way to stretch your chest muscles.

Cool down stretches are just as important as your typical workout. If you want to protect against injury and make sure that your body is responding well to increased activity, you need to learn the proper routine for the best cool down stretches.

Natasha SchoultzBest Stretches for a Cool Down

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