7 Interesting Facts about Adult Obesity

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weight loss fat camp scaleObesity is a growing problem for both adults and children in America. 1 in 5 American adults today are overweight; this is one of the most challenges that is affecting health sector in the twenty first century. The adults in America are commonly affected by obesity due to behavioral and environmental factors. The following are common facts about obesity.

Obesity is caused by lack of exercise

Most adults do not participate in any physical activities; they love to spend their time doing stationed activities. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults should at least do simple exercise such as talking a walk for about an hour every day. This helps to burn calories.

Unnecessary Snacking

The tendency in eating have changed, most adults nowadays eat at least three snacks in a day. Eating unhealthy beverages and snack foods leads to weight gain and results to obesity.

Heart Disease and Stroke

About seventy percent of adults suffering from obesity have a risk factor to the cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused by an increase of cholesterols in the body. Cholesterol normally blocks arteries and veins preventing smooth flow of blood from the heart. High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke; more than75% cases of hypertension are caused by obesity.


About fifteen percent of cancer cases in men and twenty percent of cancer cases in women are caused by obesity. Obesity increases kidney cancer by twenty five percent, colon cancer by eleven percent, uterine cancer by thirty nine percent and, esophageal cancer by thirty seven percent.


One study has found that, obese individuals have smaller gain in CD4 cell count. This is observed after an obese patient has started HIV treatment. The antiretroviral are less effective to obese patient and hence they may not live longer.

Arthritis and Sleep Apnea

Sixty eight percent of individual diagnosed with arthritis are obese. Being overweight causes sleep apnea and arthritis since both bones and lungs are put under increase pressure resulting from too much weight from the body. Obese adults are four times likely to develop arthritis than healthy- weight adults.

Childhood Obesity Link to Asthma

Adults who are obese are likely to be diagnosed with asthma; about fifty two percent of all patient diagnosed with cancer are overweight.

In conclusion, obesity facts tell us troubling ideas and behavioral facts that lead to rise in obesity cases. Minorities are normally at a high risk of being obese since they have unhealthy eating practices.

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