6 Mixed Drinks to Avoid for Weight Loss

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Generally speaking, it is wise to avoid alcohol whenever possible when you are trying to lose weight. The reason for this is that weight loss is not encouraged with extra calories that can be found in many alcoholic beverages. That being said, there are several alcoholic beverages that should be avoided if one would like to truly lose weight. If you would like to learn more about nutrition, it is usually wise to attend a weight loss camp for adults in order to receive instruction from expert nutritionists about foods and beverages to avoid for successful weight loss. Here are six mixed drinks to avoid for weight loss:

1. Margarita: Margaritas are very high in calories. There have been some low calorie Margarita mixes on the market, but one has to look for those quite carefully. If you would like a Margarita, be sure that you are looking at the label of the mix that you are using or making an organic one yourself. There are so many delightful fusion recipes out there that can be beneficial to your diet plan.

2. Piña Colada: Piña Colada is another over served cocktail in the Summer that really is quite high in calories. Unlike the Margarita, it is quite difficult to make the Piña Colada without any additive mix. Be sure that you limit yourself to only one of these beverages while trying to lose weight. This way, you are consuming less calories overall.

3. Cuba Libre: Cuba Libres are delicious, but they have Coca-Cola, which is very high in sugar and calories. It is wise that you consider having a Diet Coke, but remember, that the flavor combination between Coca-Cola and rum is very distinct and can sometimes get lost when combining with Diet Coke rather than Coca-Cola.

4. Mojito: Mojitos are a drink that if planned well, can be made to be a healthy cocktail for the Summer months. They to this success will be carefully finding organic limes to integrate into the mixture. If you merely buy a sugary Mojito mix, you will have a very high level of calories and will double or triple those calories depending on the amount of Mojitos that you decide to consume in an evening. The better mix that you are able to maintain, the more likely you are to see prompt weight loss results.

5. Enchilada: An Enchilada is a beer mixed with hot sauce. This drink sounds entertaining, but it is very high in calories due to the amount of beer involved. Remember that any mixed drink involving beer or consuming beer separately has many calories and should be avoided when trying to lose weight.

6. Sangria: Sangria is another drink that is quite high in sugar and calories. Sangria has many mixes that are even worse than those who decide to use an apple juice in their Sangria mix. The red wine involved is also quite high in calories. When craving a glass of Sangria, try to keep it to a glass to cut down calories when you are trying to lose weight.

Losing weight is something that involves both a good diet and effective exercise. It is important to understand that many alcoholic mixed drinks are not nutritious and end up causing a great deal of weight gain. It is important to make this a priority for your weight loss plan so that you do not gain unnecessary calories when attending festive events in the Summer months that have a great variety of high calorie mixed cocktail drinks.

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