5 Keys to an Effective Weight Loss Plan? Here’s the Lock

effective weight loss for adultsKeys are only effective insofar as they fit the lock. With the lock being the dieter, the keys can only fit one lock. There are no universal skeleton keys in weight loss. What opens one door could be a weight loss fat camp for adults. What keys would be effective to an individual dieter? Glad you asked.

Key 1: Education

Dig through all the information available in order to learn about the body. It requires food and oxygenated blood to feed the muscles. It takes one kcal energy intake to burn one calorie of fat. Read up on food and its effects on the body. Read what can happen to the body without enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Study the Mayo Clinic, Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health for highly trusted sources. Education is an important key to weight loss.

Key 2: Adaptability

The dieter might resort to a fat camp for adults if his/her home situation isn’t adaptable. The family might not agree to fresh fruits and vegetables, raw meats instead of processed dishes, or your work out in the family room while they watch the tube. If dieters can’t afford the right kinds of foods, they can make do with frozen. If they can’t afford free weights, they could fill mayo jars with stones. Adaptability is the most important key to effective weight loss.

Key 3: Walls

This key could either have already happened, or it will happen to a dieter. Diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure require a lifestyle change. Dieters who have watched loved ones suffer diseases are determined they won’t die like that. Effective weight loss, the kind that stays off, is determined by several factors. What kind of wall a dieter runs up against is one of the biggest factors.

Key 4: Positivity

Adult fat camps provide dieters a positive atmosphere when they don’t have one at home. Dieters need all the support they can get to accomplish a difficult task. They do not deserve negativity, for what they are doing is admirable. No one wants the dieter to remain overweight and invite disease, so a positive attitude is a must.

Key 5: Fun

When the dieter and his/her doctor have found a plan, have some fun with it. Go around singing Weird Al’s “Just Eat It”. Buy happy face stickers for everyone. Wear one for each pound lost.

One Fitness Camp5 Keys to an Effective Weight Loss Plan? Here’s the Lock