5 Great Fruit Smoothies to Consume for Weight Loss

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Now that the Summer months are here, there is nothing more refreshing than consuming a fruit smoothie. The challenge becomes which fruit smoothies to consume in order to still remain on track for weight loss. When searching for viable nutritional advice, it is always recommended to attend a weight loss camp for adults. Once you listen to the nutrition lectures at these sort of camps, you will obtain a great deal of clarity about which foods you can enjoy and which ones you should stay away from for weight loss. Here are five great fruit smoothies to consume for weight loss:

1. Passion Fruit: Passion fruit is a popular flavor that is found in countries that border the equator. The key to enjoying an ideal passion fruit smoothie for weight loss comes from the lack of additives that are present in the smoothie overall. If you are able to obtain a smoothie that has not been artificially mixed with false passion fruit, you will find a reliable, yet delicious treat to enjoy while losing weight.

2. Açai: Açai is another great smoothie that can be enjoyed for weight loss. Due to the purity of Açai, it is difficult to find Açai that has additives. Be sure to not put additional sugar in your Açai smoothie. It is so sweet that it really does not need it. If you like, you can also mix in bananas and other delicious fruits with your Açai smoothie for a wonderful, yet nutritious snack.

3. Pineapple: Pineapple is another fruit that is often misunderstood these days. There are so many artificial pineapple juices that are filled with sugar and calories. There are pure forms of pineapple juice to enjoy in a smoothie while you are losing weight. You can even ground up the pieces of pineapple yourself and make your own juice. Producing juice this way is a great asset to you because you will be able to eliminate many of the unnecessary sugars and calories that many pineapple juices and smoothies currently possess.

4. Watermelon: Watermelon is a wonderful and refreshing fruit for a Summer smoothie. Once again, it is best to just put the watermelon in the blender for the ultimate effect when you are trying to lose weight. If you also utilize Greek yogurt with the watermelon, you will have a nice creamy smoothie that is not high in calories for you to enjoy.

5. Peach: Peach is a great fruit for smoothies. In fact, the most delicious peach smoothies come from the mixture of white and orange peaches. The rich, yet diverse nature of their flavors creates a powerful and healthy smoothie to sample while losing weight.

It is wise to incorporate smoothies into your diet when you are trying to lose weight. If you are able to accomplish this, you will have a great variety of healthier snacks to enjoy. These smoothies can also serve as delicious breakfast ideas when you are considering adding protein to jumpstart your metabolism. Consider the value of these smoothies for your diet and get creative with their recipes. There is no rule stating how many innovative fruits you can include in your recipes. The key is to eliminate artificial sugars and juices from your smoothies in every way possible. This, combined with the proper portions, will provide you with a spectacular result when you are trying to lose weight. Thus, be sure that you do not forget about smoothies as a potential weight loss solution. You will enjoy them every time you try them!

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  • kateworksout - June 5, 2017 reply

    Hi, Wayne!

    I love smoothies! They are yummy and healthy, plus really easy to make.

    I’ve heard a lot of health benefits of Açai, including good digestion and the promotion of heart health and immunity. You’re right, it’s also quite popular as a weight loss aid.

    It’s good that you stressed the importance of not adding sugar to the smoothies. These fruits are already naturally flavored so there is no need to put in more sweeteners (and calories!) in there. It will defeat the purpose of a homemade drink!

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