4 Tips to Eating Right This Winter

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Winter is one of the most difficult times of the year for dieting because there are many holiday parties and family events that serve sensational food. That being said, it can be very beneficial for those that want to lose weight to attend a weight loss camp for adults. This is something that is vital to one’s education about foods to avoid during the holiday season. Additionally, this will help individuals stay on track for their weight loss goals. Here are four tips to eating right this winter:

1. Avoid Milk Beverages: There are many delightful holiday drinks with whipped cream and milk. Avoid these at all costs. They average about 300 calories per beverage, which is more than many main courses for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Be Careful with Casseroles: During the holidays, there are many casseroles made. Avoid them. They are usually very high in calories and will be a whole meal in a snack for you calorie count if you are not careful.

3. Avoid Gravy: Gravy is something that is present at Christmas and Thanksgiving in the United States. Gravy is very high in calories and should be avoided. If you want to eat meat, just avoid heavy sauces like gravy and you will see no weight gain during the holiday parties.

4. Portion Control at Work Parties: Work parties are known for serving food that is not high quality or healthy. Keep your consumption at these parties to a minimum. If you do so, you will not see much weight gain during the holiday season either.

Keeping your weight loss plan in motion during the holidays can be challenging. That being said, with some guidance, it is absolutely possible to do so going forward. The trick is to be conscious of the high calories foods to avoid and you will be successful in your quest to lose weight this holiday season.

One Fitness Camp4 Tips to Eating Right This Winter

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