4 Interesting Facts about Adult Obesity

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weight loss fat camp scaleObesity is a global epidemic and is ranked fifth in the list of risks associated with global deaths. Each year, up to 2.8 million adults pass away because of being obese. In the past, obesity was linked to high-income regions, but today it is also prevalent in middle and low-income countries. Here are four interesting facts about adult obesity.

Obesity is Common, Serious and Costly

According to global estimates compiled by the World Health Organization in 2014, 13 percent of the global adult population suffered from obesity and more than one-third, 34.9 percent or 76 million, of adults in the United States are obese. In 2013 alone, the estimated annual cost of obesity in U.S was approximately 254 billion dollars.

BMI is a Good First Step in Diagnosing Obesity

Body mass index, also known as BMI, is used to determine whether an adult is obese or not. BMI is derived by dividing your weight, expressed in kilograms, by the square of your height, expressed in meters. You are considered obese when your BMI is greater or equivalent to 30.

Obesity is Associated with Depression

Poor mental health and obesity are incompatible. Poor mental health can lead to obesity and vice versa. A depressed person may overeat to suppress their feelings, and an obese person may have a problem with their body image, resulting in depression. Enrolling in a weight loss camp has proven effective at motivating depressed and obese individuals to turn their lives around.

Fat Does Not Necessarily Induce Obesity

Some people believe that people become obese by eating excess fat. This may be true for some, but not for all those with obesity. Excess calories cause you to become obese, and you can become obese from overconsumption of protein and carbohydrates. Therefore, reducing your fat intake is a starting point in shedding excess weight, but you also need to reduce your protein and carbohydrate intake.

Infertility in Women and Men

Apart from cancer and heart disease, obesity has also been linked to infertility. Obese women have high hormone levels, and this can cause ovarian failure. The body has to have the correct amount of hormones to regulate menstruation and ovulation. Obese men are also susceptible to infertility, and studies have shown that obese men suffer from low sperm count and motility.

Obesity has become a huge risk to adults today than it was in the past. An increase of foods that are high in fat and jobs that require less activity are some of the reasons obesity has increased over the years. However, eating the right foods and engaging in an effective exercise program are some of the recommended measures for combating weight disorders in adults.

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