4 Inspiration Tips To Start Exercising This Week

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weight-loss-camp-activities2-150x150Finding the motivation you need to start exercising doesn’t have to be complicated. Like any successful change, the most inspirational routine is the one you can do and stick with. The following ideas will kick start your exercise program, helping you to whittle away pounds and get strong and fit in the process.

Five-Minute Steps

Exercising doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. Instead, one easy way to inspire yourself to exercise more is to take five minutes between chores and do some step aerobics to your favorite song. The duration of your physical exertion doesn’t even have to be five minutes. Once the song is done, you can be done. Adding this simple routine to your day throughout your day can net you an extra 30 to 40 minutes of exercise everyday if you just take the process and repeat it until you’ve gotten your 30 minutes in by the end of the day.

Get an Accountability Partner

If going to the gym sounds great until going for a scoop of ice cream sounds better, maybe you’d like to try working out with a partner. The accountability partner makes sure that you get up for that morning workout or train for that bike race you’ve always wanted to do. Of course, you do the same for your partner, providing support and encouragement when needed.

Buy an App

If you have a phone and access to Google Play or iTunes, you’ll find all the motivation you need to start an exercise program. From apps that teach you to workout in seven minutes or less a day to apps that train you MMA style, you’re sure to find at least one of them that will help you get your groove on.

Weight Loss Camp

For many people, the words “weight lost camp” conjure up images of drill sergeants and daily marathons starting at 5:00 a.m. However, these days, these sites feel more like an on-going fun adventure than a stint in the army. With morning yoga, kayaking trips, and evenings that end with a campfire, you learn to exercise and to eat right AND to learn to associate physical activity with fun instead of drudgery. Not a bad trade off.

One Fitness Camp4 Inspiration Tips To Start Exercising This Week

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