4 Exercises to Reduce Stress

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Exercise has numerous benefits. It helps you to lose weight, increases your metabolic rate and improves your overall health. From enhancing fitness to increasing endurance levels, exercise benefits us in myriad ways. While exercise has become a mantra for weight loss, the other benefits are not oft talked about. Exercise can reduce stress for instance. Not all exercises will reduce stress but there are some. Stress is of two kinds. One is psychological and the other is physical. You may wonder how something that is physical exhausting as exercise can attend to physical stress. But there lies the beauty. Also, exercise can help you get rid of psychological stress. Here are four exercises to reduce stress.

Stretching is a stress buster.

It may come as a surprise but it is true. Get up after working for three hours at a stretch, go out of your office, stretch a little and breathe in some fresh air and you will experience substantial stress relief. Stretching is and should be the first exercise you do, no matter what kind of workout routine you have signed up for. You will notice whether you are at a weight loss camp or you are trying to grow your muscles at a gym, that every trainer will ask you to stretch first. That is primarily because your body needs to be stretched, all parts have to be relaxed and the right posture have to be attained but also because stretching helps you to unwind. Unwinding and switching off the outside world is important while exercising.

Jogging helps in reducing stress.

You cannot keep thinking about the issue that is causing stress while jogging. You need to focus on the jog. Just enjoy the run and you will experience some relief from stress. Jogging improves blood flow throughout the body and that is a key to overcome physical stress. Also, when you are distracted from the stress causing issue, you can get some relief.

Core exercises also reduce stress.

Any kind of core training will increase the capacity of your lungs. You will breathe in more air and exhale much more effectively. This reduces stress.

Pilates, yoga and the likes also reduce stress.

These are exercises that factor in the need to meditate and the settings are often a different world from the one outside. The whole ambience, the holistic approach and the steady manner in which you work out will always counter stress.

One Fitness Camp4 Exercises to Reduce Stress

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