4 Exercise Moves to Incorporate Into Household Chores

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young housewife cleaningThe best way to lose weight and keep it off is to make lifestyle changes that allow for lasting results. Weight loss camp can be a great way to kick start your fitness routine and learn about the importance of nutrition, but you need to learn how to incorporate what you learn into all aspects of your daily life. If you have gotten a head start on weight loss by attending weight loss camp, it is possible to make sure your fitness levels don’t fall off.

Finding the time to exercise after you have left a live-in weight loss camp can be tricky, but there are easy solutions. Household chores might be a bore, but you can throw in some inventive exercise moves that help you burn calories while cleaning your home.

Here are a few great exercise moves that you can incorporate into household chores:

1. Squats
Who said you have to load dishes into the dishwasher the old-fashioned way? You can spice up your evening by doing squats as you load your dishes instead of just bending down. All you have to do is place your feet a little further apart than normal, while also keeping your torso in the upright position. You can even make your dishwashing squats more intense by rising gradually out of the position.

2. Arm Extensions
Your arms are the body part that is used most when you are tackling chores around the house. Just blast your favorite songs from your iPod and do arm extensions when cleaning the windows or dusting the bookshelves. You will have the cleanest windows on the block when you are done with your weekly arm extension exercises.

3. Stair Workout
You can also get a really good workout while just vacuuming your staircase. Instead of trying to minimize the number of stairs that you have to walk up and down, you can switch things up and get a pretty good workout in. Just start with the first step at the top of the staircase and then walk to the bottom of the staircase. Continue this pattern of vacuuming until all of the stairs have been swept. This makes you walk up and down the staircase numerous times for a pretty intense workout.

4. Tree pose
Why not try out a cool yoga move when you are folding laundry. The tree pose forces you to hone your balance and stretch more than a few muscles.

Natasha Schoultz4 Exercise Moves to Incorporate Into Household Chores

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