3 Reasons Why Self-Compassion Can Help Motivate You to Lose Weight

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food-to-speed-up-metabolismLosing weight is a difficult process, and it can take a lot of mental effort along the way. While it’s important to stay motivated and push yourself, it’s also important to step back once in a while and appreciate how far you’ve come. Here are three reasons why a bit of self-compassion can be an excellent weight loss motivator.

3. It Gives You Energy To Continue

The most obvious reason is that self-compassion – that is, understanding how you got to this point and why you want to change your weight – is a welcome break from the constant “you’re not good enough” refrain that can drag down anyone’s outlook on the process. Self-compassion is like a good night’s rest after a long day at work – it’s recharging and relaxing, and it leaves you with more energy to continue when you start again.

2. It’s Smart and Honest

Approaching your weight loss with a sense of self-compassion is the honest way to approach weight loss! Gaining weight is a complicated thing, and the process of working it off again has a lot of ups and downs to it. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your weight loss journey isn’t perfect – as long as you stick to your overall goal, you’re exactly where you want to be.

1. It’s Sustainable

Build up your passion and excitement for losing weight at a weight loss camp and you’ll feel the thrill of helping your body and your appearance; be smart and show some self-compassion afterward and you’ll sustain that excitement – as well as the weight you’ve lost! Being self-compassionate is a sustainable path to weight loss because it helps you maintain the overall trajectory of your goal. Even if you falter one day, or even if you’re too hard on yourself the next, a healthy sense of self-compassion keeps you steady, constant, and sustainable in your weight loss process, helping it stick around for the long term.

One Fitness Camp3 Reasons Why Self-Compassion Can Help Motivate You to Lose Weight

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