3 Places To Find Exercise Routines Online

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incl2Back in the old days, if people wanted to learn more about working out, they went to a gym and learned a few routines or headed to the bookstore to nab books on exercise routine pointers. That’s not necessary nowadays. You can find some excellent exercise routines just by doing a simple Google Search. Below, you’ll find three different online routines that appeal to the serious muscle builder, the runner, and even to the exercise hater. Other than a trip to our live-in weight loss camp, almost nothing works better to get you back into shape.

Building Muscle

Muscle and Fitness magazine has long been the go-to guide for all-things related to working out and getting muscly. Naturally, the website by the same name has one of the best beginner’s workout routines around. It gives you a step-by-step routine set to a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday schedule and includes staple exercises like the dumbbell bench press, dumbbell overhead press, and standing calf raise to name a few. It also features a graduated rep schedule known as the pyramid for extra muscle-building.

Running Workouts

For those of you who love nothing more than hearing the sound of your feet hitting the open road, there’s Runner’s World. But the benefits of this workout won’t be nearly what they could be without some great exercises to strengthen the rest of the body. This page on Runner’s World features core workouts, exercises for glute strength, and tips for building your abs.

Yeah, I Hate to Exercise Workouts

Let’s face it. Many of us are born with the desire to sit on the couch. Exercise seems tedious, and depending upon how you grew, it could have also been a form of punishment. This doesn’t exactly create a love affair with movement. However, movement doesn’t just happen in a gym, and the best exercises can include wrestling with your kids, climbing on fallen stumps, and swinging on the jungle gym in the park. If you fall into this category, these 25 exercises are for you!


Finding the right exercise routine online really is a matter of preference. The simplest advice for connecting with a workout that’s just right for you is this: If you like the exercise and can do it, you probably will do it. So go out and get moving!

Natasha Schoultz3 Places To Find Exercise Routines Online

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