3 Easy Diet Refreshers for 2016

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fat camp adultsThe holidays are murder on just about any diet. Between alcohol, cream-based soups, carb-filled dinners, and rich desserts, it can be nearly impossible to stick to a healthy eating plan during family dinners and parties. Fortunately, there’s some good news– it’s pretty easy to refresh your diet and continue seeing results even after a little overindulgence.

Get rid of leftovers.

It’s a small step, but ditching leftovers can make a big impact. You won’t be tempted to eat them, so you can recommit to your diet without hearing the siren song of leftover casseroles or cakes. Get rid of the leftover food in your fridge, re-stock foods that are part of your diet, and you’ll be good to go for the new year.

Consider a weight loss retreat.

If you have a little time to get away from it all, now might be a good time to consider booking a stay at a weight loss camp. It’s likely to be less crowded than during the run up to “swimsuit season,” and it can be a relaxing, immersive way to refresh your diet, get advice from professionals, and commit fully to a healthier lifestyle.

Load up on leafy greens.

Green vegetables are everything most holiday foods aren’t. Unlike carb-laden dishes, they’re loaded with fiber. Unlike alcohol, they can help hydrate you due to their high water and electrolyte content. Consider replacing the side dishes of your lunches and dinners with salads or sauteed greens for a few days after the holidays– you’ll feel full, reduce alcohol bloat, get a colon cleanse, and refresh your diet all in one.

Bonding over delicious food is a big part of holiday get-togethers, and there’s no need to deprive yourself. It’s also impossible to “break” a diet– even if you overindulge, you can get back on track. With these three tips, you’ll be back to feeling good, looking great, and making healthy lifestyle choices in no time.

One Fitness Camp3 Easy Diet Refreshers for 2016

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